did you guys adopt any training programs to prepare for a cycle?

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    Find me one elite strength athlete that doesn't follow a structured strength program which encorporates some manner of periodization and deloading.

    I'm honestly baffled that you're arguing against basic strength concepts like periodization and intensity. I'm sitting here reading this like "what?" It's a trip, man.
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    Here is the thing, and I am smiling as I am writing this.

    When I asked you about the benefits of a program. Your answers were full of crap. It didn't make sense. Most of the reference materials you posted was crap. This is good stuff, you and all your buddies should read it until you understand it. It is heavy stuff, I would probably take notes because the idiot that wrote it used complicated terms for no good reason.

    Here is what you should have said when I asked you what benefits a program would give:
    "A program would consider potentiating all types of muscles fibers as well as incorporating different types of muscle actions."
    Or there could have been something specific so for example with the bench press guys, they have specific programs for specific reasons.

    That was the answer you should have given me! And yes, that is true and I can't argue that really. For a professional or extremely dedicated individual that has greater ambitions than most people. They should take those aspects into consideration.

    For your average Meso Rx guy, me for example. I love working out, however, I love working out the way I do it. Having to include a bunch of other training methods that may not be enjoyable to me comes with a sort of annoyance/reward ratio. How much extra muscle am I really going to get from doing those boring exercises? You know? It kind of becomes a question about that. And I personally believe, especially with dieting, to do just what works for you. If you NEED to eat one cheeseburger every day, try to work around it. Slowly start making the cheese burger smaller, cut a slice out of it every week until you only eat half a cheeseburger or something. But enjoy the ride.

    Honestly, Eman, you got me on this one! Well, I kinda handed it to you but if you are going to advocate a program. Understand what it is you are advocating. If you don't understand the material you can't apply it properly. It doesn't work that way.

    It's like a brain surgeon that knows all the terms and all the technical data but has never operated on a brain before.
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    Instead of sitting there reading that, you could have explained what it was about then? :) You can't explain what it is because you don't know.
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    Lol so I now need to find a textbook, for free, that explicitly states that a program will yield maximum muscle growth.

    All of the concepts in even referring to are STRENGTH based concepts that have little to nothing to do with hypertrophy. I specifically said so, I did mention that some of the concepts could be applied to hypertrophy but that hasn't really even been a part of this conversation. You can't even grasp that part of this and you're telling me that I'M misinterpreting it? You're not even in the same fucking chapter of this shit I've been talking about lol... This has been absolutely mind numbing to be a part of.

    You didn't even know what periodization was a page ago:

    Now I'm the one misinterpreting it when you chalked it up to reps and sets a page and ago?

    I'm misinterpreting all of this and you are telling me about heart rate with regard to intensity when we're talking about strength training?

    I specifically told you that if you're getting results as far as strength then you probably don't need a program. If you've stalled, then it becomes a necessity. What else would you do... Keep getting no results?

    I also specifically said not to fix what's not broken with a hypertrophy program IE if you are gaining muscle by winging it then keep doing that until you're not anymore... If you're not, what else would you do but take a look at what you're doing and organize it aka PERIODIZATION.
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    Oh good lord... I can feel my brain cells committing suicide every post. I don't understand what periodization means, yet I gave an example of it in my first post...

    I'm out. Good luck. This conversation has made its way into fully retarded territory.
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    No shit it didn't make sense to you... You didn't know any of the terms I used lol. How could I explain it any differently without making up words that are simple for you to grasp.

    The problem here is that you think you know what you're talking about but you don't. We're not even talking about the same things and you're attempting to school me on a topic that we're not even discussing. It's actually disturbing to a certain extent because it's so fucking weird how you carry and present yourself.

    Lastly, go fuck yourself for implying that I posted any of his for monetary gain. I don't sell programs, that's part of your problem too in thinking that programs have to be sold, they're not hard at all to build on your own if you understand the concepts.
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    Lol you're fucking killing me... I had to post ten fucking books for you to STILL not know what I'm even talking about.

    Did your mom drop you on your head or throw you onto your head? Seriously... What the fuck happened to you dude? Something is not right up top. You are, without question, on the spectrum.
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    Oh relax, I am not saying that most of the things you said were right. You are full of sh!t on most of it. There is something in what you are saying, but you still can't explain it. If you want to answer this question:

    What benefits can a program offer somebody that somebody whom isn't on a program?

    Explain where what aspects the strength benefits come from. You can't explain that.. I am familiar with it, but when you guys can't explain what it means then I am going to poke at you.
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    You posted a bunch of books that you admittedly didn't read. Then after I read it, and confirmed there is something to it. You are like "YEAH TOLD YOU SO." Fact remains that YOU don't know what you are talking about.

    Don't think I changed my mind on you being an idiot. You are still an idiot and you don't read good material nor do you understand it.

    You guys are too proud to be like, "yeah I don't understand this stuff I didn't go to school for it, can you help me interpret?"
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    What planet are you even on right now? Do you smoke meth? You STILL don't even understand what periodization is and you want me to ask you to interpret it?

    I could have told you I read all of them but I haven't - I've read most of them and I understand them. You skimmed the wrong chapter of ONE of them and confirmed I'm right about something we're not even talking about lol... I never said I"told you so", I told you that you're reading the WRONG CHAPTER.

    Go ahead though. Help me interpret periodization. I want to go down this rabbit hole and see what you have to say on this topic you just heard for the first time.
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    Progress when results have slowed or stopped.

    Strength progress is not linear, at least it's not linear forever. Strength results, when viewed on a graph, will go up and down over time with an upward trend if programming is appropriate. You have to apply some or all of the training concepts I've mentioned to see this trend. All of those training terms I mentioned that you said we're bullshit? THOSE.

    Alternatively, we can just go to the gym and lift the same 135lb barbell and never increase the weight and wonder why we never got much stronger.
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    Read the info and understand it.

    Talk to you guys later.
    Love you!

    Sincerely Yours,

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    I hope that you do.. you're not much further along than a novice. Now scurry back to that hole of yours.

    What gets me the most is that you say there is no benefit to programming and then go on to blatantly misuse the term periodization - which has to be the most basic concept of programming. It's the entire organization method of a program or block. In two posts, out of many, you state an opinion then you make it obvious that you have no clue what you're even trying to talk about. Lol I hope those books help, fella...
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    Just block him man. Know what i see?....not much except you arguing with an aggressive special needs thats as dumb as an animal. Hes baiting you in to continuous nonsensical dialogue. In other words as long as you respond hes winning even though hes wrong on EVERYTHING, as usual.

    Hes the one special needs every company gets tax credit for that you intentionally stuff away in the backroom some where and only to be seen and interacted with when its time to punch out for the day. Purposely hired for the most mundane tasks like sweeping the floor and cleaning toilets. And thats a description vile to even a janitor which i truly mean no disrespect.


    Then. Enjoy
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    Meh, I was kinda of having fun for the most part although some of the responses were so outta left field it was turning into more work than it was entertainment value.

    Drive safe out there, Speedy Gonzalez.
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    Okay :)
  17. Sworder

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    You know what that is really fucking rude of you... I can clean a toilet better than you can so.... Go fuck yourself! Also. Just because something is mundane to you doesn't mean it is to me!
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    I've been doing Hanys Fst7 program which is working really well one of my favorite training styles
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    Yes studied this topic a lot for getting my kinesiology. Neuropathy of anaerobic activity. Now you know the school I went to lol.