do you buy online ?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by jackhammer85, Jul 8, 2019.

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    Amazon is basically a middle man for aliexpress. If I can wait a month, ali is my go to for bullshit crap I'll end up tossing at the end of the year.
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  2. Greetings, officer. i don't believe i'm understanding your question, since it was vague and you went out of your way to avoid using the names of any types of controlled substances.

    This forum is for trading pictures of pets. Mainly puppy dogs and kittens, but every once in awhile we get some crackpot that has a pet pig, snapper turtle or even a snake. (Eww, that's icky and scary at the same time.)

    i live on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. It's a spacious home that has more than enough space for all my puppy dogs and kittens.

    Where do you live?
    Do you have many pets?
    Do you prefer puppy dogs or kittens?
    Do you have any pics of pets that you can post?
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    Young boys underoos, tisk tisk you pedo
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    Thanks Icky I can count on you always to give such a great response. I appreciated that so much as you give such deep thought to your responses.

    And no it's not for such things, I buy mainly workout wear as well as shirts and pants for work.
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    i love this forum lol
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    Bro is the shiiit i love them. I get my toyo r888 tires for cheap on the race car
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    So to be more specific my post was actually meant to ask, how stable for delivery experience you had off AAS, through varius sites, i havent been in the game never bought online before, not just one time delivery but as a steroid lifestyle perspective, do you have a reliable source usually online, or have your experienced, sometimes to stay and dont know how to get roids, if things shut down or what ever, that would suck, but i imagine in time might be able to get new irl source but they also can get busted and such
    Or do shit get seized often for you when buying online, im from eu so could be great to know, but maybe someone else comes along with same question in us so, if you want please share, how it has been, constant supplys .. hope you understand, not the best at english
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    Yup you gotta love the jackals and jackalopes here lol
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    Agreed. You gotta love the jackalopes and jackals here.
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    Holy shit brotini, you're trying to buy steroids off the internet? Is that something that actually happens? Those are the ones you have to inject, right? You would feel comfortable buying shit and injecting it from some random person on the internet?

    Im here for puppies and kittens posts. Have you checked out the Dr scully threads on cats and dogs. They're adorable.
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    @chileandawg sperm has backed so far up inside of @MindlessWork that its spilling out of his head via his ears. Intercontinental sperm donation going on here.
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    talk about getting misunderstood haha fck that never you just stay and talk about cats and what not haha wtf...
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    So you gotta love this place!
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    Speaking of cats, mine is fucking jacked since he started on 500 test and 600 deca per week.

    He doesn't like being petted anymore and fucks the dog's head until it's raw, though. Definitely showing some aggressive side effects.

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    I go around the corner of my neighborhood and there’s a guy in a red hoodie that sells me anything I want.

    He even delivers for an extra $25

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    Do your research don’t ask so many questions. And no I don’t buy online because I’m sippin on my tequila in mejico
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    Thats one large hairy pussy that pic should be in the "show me your lady" section...
    Fuck you someone had to say it.
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    Bro thats like the pitbull of cats:eek:
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    Even the pitbulls would turn tail and run scared from that cat lmao!

    Imagine having a cat like that though...
  20. The irony :p