Does Testim tend to work better than Androgel?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by infoseeker, Nov 22, 2006.

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    infoseeker Junior Member

    My husband saw the urologist today (for the first time) and indeed he does have Peyronie's, caught early, and the Dr. does not know exactly what causes it but one theory is that it can be secondary to ED; I'll leave out details unless someone wants to know. ANyway, of course he's smart enough to conclude that the ED is secondary to testosterone level of 200. That level was two months ago; tests as of last week are not on his desk yet, but he wants to see whether the androgel (10 mg per day) is being absorbed and is already thinking ahead to Testim instead. He also said that the 200 T level is also what's preventing my husband from losing weight. In other words, like we already knew, everything is all tied in together, with the T of 200 having something to do with diabetes, also (he has not been diagnosed with diabetes probably because of not meeting technical criteria, but who wants that kind of diagnosis on an insurance record, anyway?)

    He or I will update once tests are in, but I've heard the word "Testim" thrown around here and was wondering if it's common to have low absorption of Androgel (I ask because there does not seem to be any change since starting it.) Thanks in advance.
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    bigjimcalhoun Junior Member

    My Urologist's office told me people like Testim better than androgel.

    That being said, I think that Testim is expensive - maybe $250 a month or so.
    A $125 (approx) bottle of testosterone taken at 100cc a week would last 20 weeks.
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    love_en Junior Member

    Yes, a 10CC vial of testosterone cypionate will last 20 weeks. You can also be assured that your husband will be getting all of the T, with none of it sitting on his skin to be rubbed off on you, your female children or grandchildren.
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    kincaiddave Junior Member

    I wasted a couple of months on androgel. I didn't absorb it well.

    You are indicating that your husband is overweight. That means that he will probably have a lot of aromatase at the gel application site that will likely cause a lot of the testosterone to aromatize to estradiol. Has he been tested for estradiol?

    Don't let the doc make hubby go more than two weeks after a dose change of the transdermal. T level responds and levels out pretty much in a few days when using a transdermal.

    Get the estradiol tested along with all the other recomendations at Post the results here along with the labs' ranges when you get them and you will get good advice.
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    MacDonnell Junior Member

    I also wasted MANY months on androgel - Did not absob well at all. My T went from less than 200 to about 400. Big deal! Anyway, a NEW doctor switched me to Testim (same dosage as Androgel). My T shot up to over 1000! I cut down on the dose, and now I'm at 661. If, in a month or so, your husband doesn't feel any better, and his tests still show low(ish) T, tell the doc you want to try Testim. Good luck!
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    pmgamer18 Member

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