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Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by jJjburton, Oct 27, 2019.

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    He started at 5iu lol. I would never even consider that and I’ve run it a few times
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  2. jJjburton

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    Maybe its from the test at 1000 mg per week? In combonation with the HGH. Cause when I ran high test with moderate tren compared to low test with moderate tren the side effects were completly different.

    Maybe its the same with HGH? I should run GH with TRT level test. I will do this when I try again in a couple months. I give up for now.
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    this is the first time I have ever ran into an issue using exogenous anything. I have cycled 7-8 times in my 5 years of AAS.
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    It’s best to start at 2iu and work your way up with hgh
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  5. You're just parroting stuff that's already been stated.
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    So the anxiety is almost gone. The EQ and tren has basically cleared my system and appears to be the cause.

    i am however on
    1000 mg of test cyp
    60 mg dbol
    60 mg winny

    And I just started
    2 iu of hgh again since it was not the cause of anxiety BUT is the cause of lethargy. I am hoping that passes soon. Being the holiday I have some time to sleep it off if I get it bad.
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    Good deal dropping the tren and eq. Your running an advanced cycle as it is without those.
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  9. jJjburton

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    Yea I was getting a little carried away.
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  10. As most of us do haha
  11. jJjburton

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    At 225 lbs so up 5. Going to keep going its annoying
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    I ate a shit load of good meals today.
    pancakes 2 large 12 in
    3 plates of chicken
    3 cups rice
    2 potatoes large
    protein shake
    shot olive oil
    gallon water

    So if this doesnt make me gain some weight I am screwed...
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  13. jJjburton

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    As for doses

    6 iu of HGH PM before bed M,W,F.
    2 iu of HGH T,Th,Sat.
    no HGH sunday
    1000 mg Test C- 500 mg M and Thurs
    60 mg DBOL- 30 mg 2x AM and PM
    60 mg Winny- 30 mg 2x AM and PM
    112 mcg T4 AM

    So far I have gained 5 lbs??? I am 220 when I wake up and 225 lbs by the time I go to bed. Naked. Then repeat.

    This will be done for 6 more weeks. Then I will see what to do next or just probably TRT and 2-4 iu HGH.

    Testing BG tomorrow morning Fasted.

    If I get to lethargic I take 2 days off from the HGH.
    I have been getting some more energy lately.
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    Hell ya, awesome stuff man. I’m sure you’re looking great if you’re under 12% bf!
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  15. jJjburton

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    I honestly would like to be in the 15-17 percent bf range. I really dont like the cut look. So like 6-1, 235 15-17 peecent bf by 6 weeks is my goal.
  16. TheH0517

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    That sounds pretty high bf, but it looks different on everybody. I hold a lot around my waist and abs so it starts to look sloppy when I get over 15%. But I think that’ll change with time, lbm, and supplementation (gh). I’m definitely not a hard gainer.
  17. jJjburton

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    My dam iron was at 17.8. It went up 2 points in 56 days.
    I donated last time it was 16. Which is crazy.
    Just donated today whole blood. I needed it. I will do it for everytime I can. Since I need it. My bp was high too. So donating fixes iron and bp.
  18. jJjburton

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    Going to up my hgh usage. Maybe I am getting used to it. But lethargy is going away. Really feeling full and getting good pumps.

    i am going to do 6 iu eod.
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  19. jJjburton

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    Dam the pumps are getting real nice. Just had a week deload and dam. My lifts are so good right now. Geeting a really nice pump. Increased calories and prepping my meals. 3 weeks into the

    1000 mg test
    60 dbol
    60 winny
    6 iu hgh ed now.

    i have 3 weeks left of winny.

    added 50 mg tren A 4 x a week.

    weigh 224 lbs. gained 4 lbs in 3 weeks.
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    Just slam a bottle a day down you

    4iu am 4iu pm