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    keep umm coming you dumb prick you aint scarying no one here... your all talk no facts kind of guy. Your the guy who gets lost with facts and is caught dumb founded in arguments so you result to personal attacks instead.. you must have been the Big shot who peaked in high school. I feel sorry for your mother
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    Thanks for answering illuminatty's question and my previous ones.. :rolleyes:

    You'll get your facts, see you soon.. :D
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    ohh your very welcome cant wait!:D

    and as stated before ESCROW accepted. If you ever seen a scammer accept escrow lmk
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    I'll double your money and save you a wish right now and within the next 24 hours GUARANTEED..!!!!

    Just go ahead and SHIT IN BOTH HANDS.... The real beauty is that it works AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CARE TO DO IT..... !

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    5 months later im wondering how the mining venture went for them..may never know.
  6. pumpingiron22

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    Lol those miners dropped in price a few months later so I imagine if he did not sell them. He lost alot of money quick. Those miners are only 25 to 30 $ now.
  7. dnoyez

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