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    Put water or whatever liquid first. Drop it on top an shallow it quick. Or just man up. Some people use grapefruit juice. You'll get used to taking it
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    I was more concerned with if it was supposed to taste like bathroom cleaner. If that’s normal then I’ll just man up..lol.
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    Damn. That stuff tasted good to me. I made it with no alcohol.

    You could try mixing in with water, like the other user said. I know a dude who cuts it with ginger ale. (??)

    Its just the news affecting most people as well. I don't really know all the facts about the virus man, and sure, perhaps, you can get it and its just another flu to you. But its mostly about not overwhelming the health care system in this country or any other by spreading the infection.

    I went to rite-aid the other day to buy gloves and I saw a super old guy just wanting toilet paper man. That shit kinda broke me a bit inside.
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    So are you a Rep for DO or the man himself. Who's Jade that answers emails?

    I thought you'd be located in China.
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    Hmm, this sounds like the US
  6. Chinese Rite Aid is spelled Lite Aid, that way they can pronounce it properly.
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    LMAO, you racist mother...
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    Can anyone confirm DO recent TA time? Can anyone relay their experience with his HGH black tops?
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    From reading this thread, Definetly no where near Amazon speed ( more like Pony Express) and sorry, no experience with the black tops.
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    I can tell you it took 2 weeks from payment to receive my small order. Granted it was wu, to china. Recieved the wrong product. And I've waited another two weeks for reshipment with only being told they will send it asap a couple days ago. And that was for "domestic"
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  12. Villain

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    Is DHL the only option for shipping, besides a reshipper?
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    Should of gave him some. People really need to start using bidets regardless of the virus. You use a quarter the amount of toilet paper and your asshole is fresh af.

    If you can't find a bidet, just get a small plant watering pot and use that until you can find a legit bidet.
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    Yea look at me , I had to sell
    My ar 15 to my uncle and can’t legally get a gun bc domestic violence 3rd degree harassment , she got one too, but we’re still married and doing great, now I have to weigh my options to buy one from private seller and risk getting caught with it or just wait until a nigger breaks in my house and I’m caught like a deer in headlines , sigh
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    Oh Jesus it’s balco haven’t seen that name in a while
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    I don't agree with the law but if you choose to follow it a crossbow isn't prohibited. Not as good as an ar but better then a kick in the nuts.
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    Fixed that for you. No need to be a racist piece of shit.
  18. Jjay

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    It might depend on the state. Any violent offense prohibiting you from a gun also includes anything weapon with a trigger, including crossbows. Atleast in my state
  19. Sp2.0

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    You're absolutely right. I was thinking federally but it definitely will vary state to state
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    Don't even think of shooting someone if you have AAS in your house. Gun, illegal possession of steroids, this has the recipe of completely screwing up your life.

    If someone is coming at you, you'd better figure out how to resolve the issue without getting the cops involved.
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