Dynamite Raws (International & US Domestic)

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  1. ExtremePIP

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    Pricelist & Updated Stocklist - figured I’ll post this on every page since people can’t find it!


    Huge Stock Update (6/5/20)

    EMAIL: dynamiteraws@protonmail.com
    WICKR: dynamiteraws

    Those are my only two contacts, I will NEVER email first with a stock list. There is a scammer going around sending emails as “dynamitraws (missing the “e”). Please be cautious and double check the “sent” address.

    In other news; these peptide raws and finished products are available for INTL shipping:

    HGH Fragment 176-191
    melanotan II
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  2. Bootybeaver

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    Can we get a price list on those peptides and such?
  3. ExtremePIP

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    Currently working on one :)

    June Promo: Free shipping on all orders over $350.

    Halo is available domestically at the moment.
  4. sterman.pro

    sterman.pro Junior Member

    Internationally??? I want to order some primo, aromasin and Anavar and by any chance do you sell top bottle nylon filters?
  5. ExtremePIP

    ExtremePIP Member

    Those compounds are available both domestic and INTL!

    I will try to get my hands on nylon filters - will get back to ya!
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  6. Bootybeaver

    Bootybeaver Member

    Med lab supply has them and they ship internationally to a lot of places. Nalgene Nylon bottle top filters...
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  7. Bootybeaver

    Bootybeaver Member

    Sorry, I meant to quote you, Not MrPiP....
    med lab supply bra, ship international bra, check em out bra, nalgene nylon bottle tops bra!
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  8. sterman.pro

    sterman.pro Junior Member

    Thank you very much my brother, I will try with them also.
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  9. ExtremePIP

    ExtremePIP Member

    Anyone who orders will get a free tongue kiss and stuffs :p
    ;) Don’t be shy now ya wankers.

    Free shipping on orders over $250 for 2 weeks - Jun 9, 2020​
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  10. Bootybeaver

    Bootybeaver Member

    Nice! Now all we need is the peptide price list and we’ll be on our way! ;);)
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  11. RikudoCan

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    And itpp and bemethyl @ExtremePIP
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  12. Jstone2

    Jstone2 Member

    I have been working with dyna on completing an order, for some reason getting my btc has taken almost 3 weeks.

    I got an emails notifying me my purchase went through and my BTC was available. So i placed my order, and when i went to send funds i was notified it was being held.

    I let dyna know, and he said he would hold the product for me. A few weeks later everything cleared, and i was finally able to finish the transaction.

    Dyna has been an absolute professional the whole time. All i can somment on is the service so far, but i picked up a good amount of different products to try out. As long as the quality is good i will continue to use dyna as long as he is around.
  13. Ecto

    Ecto Member

    Any Test PP or Test Ace in the future?
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  14. ExtremePIP

    ExtremePIP Member

    Thank you so much for the kind words brother! Much appreciated!! It really does mean a lot to me, and I hope you will be satisfied with the product as well.

    Test A and Test PP can be added shortly - would you guys rather see those or Test Base?
    I’m working on grabbing Bold Cyp, tren Base, Test Base, NNE.

    still working on the peptides pricelist - it’s a little hard due to some price differences my guy is giving me
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  15. Jstone2

    Jstone2 Member

    Keep doing what you do, its definitely appreciated. Pricing is great, and service is amazing. I wont go anyplace else for raws, and i plan on only brewing my own from now on.

    I know i would much rather have test pp, and ace. If you had ace i would have picked up ace rather than prop. Test pp is my favorite ester, its the perfect balance of short and long ester.
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  16. Ecto

    Ecto Member

    Test Ace and TPP for sure!!
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  17. Dthcore

    Dthcore Member

    I’m so happy you made shit right Dyna. Looking forward to getting some stuff again! Just waiting on thag ralox! Haha
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  18. Jsj1

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    Kinda dangerous during a pandemic but ill take a handy but you gotta have on a rubber glove
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  19. Zebedee

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    Brownie points from me for your use of classic British vulgar slang.

    Where did you pick that "wanker" up btw? Not a word I've ever really known Yanks use. Do you like to use "wankers" a lot?

    Seen quite a bit of "twat" on here though, which surprised me. Wasn't sure whether that was in use in the US &/or was generally deemed highly offensive if it was, akin to the dreaded "C word"? Actually saw a Yank refer to it as that on here the other day. He clearly wasn't keen on it.

    We Brits love to use a good bit of "the C word". Same for the Irish & Aussies. I guess we know how to use it in just the right way & at just the right time. Quite common for some of our women to enjoy using it too sometimes....

    Anyway...cough cough.

    Do you have any plans to offer HMG? Preferably pharma. Just that Lizvon do it & you offer their hcg, hence wondering.

    Also, what's the situation with Sarms other than MK677? Are they definitely permanently gone from China now, or are any likely to make a comeback at some point? Asking because originally everyone was saying test enth was practically gone, but that came back pretty sharpish, so....

    Apologies if this has already been addressed recently. Been very ad hoc on here for a while & a bit behind with what's what.

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  20. ExtremePIP

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    Haha, quite an interesting read. I do like to use “cunt” as well. Wanker just sounds hilarious.
    As for HMG - we do offer it, it is LIVZON (same as our HCG)! I’ll be picking up a few kits on this next batch/restock.

    Thanks bro! Sure will with your support :)
    Got it, I will get some Test Ace and TPP!

    Noted!! Thanks :)

    Thank you bro!! Ralox is almost here, 5-6 more days :)

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