Eating on a budget

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    Exactly, so easy!!

    I'm the same way.. A bottle of water can go down in less than 5 seconds. A beer, less than 4 seconds.

    This is the way to go for guys like us. ;) Fuck spending a good portion of your day sitting down and eating!!
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    Hell ya, i mean shit why chew when its so much easier to chug lol. This is how im going to.start doing it. Wish i would've thought of this sooner. Thanks Jb for the tip. Im going to call this one, Jb's chicken chugin tip of the month lol;):D
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    If you don't already buy the grocery store brand. Its always just as good.

    Don't forget about online coupons. Usually you can add them to the grocery store's card, don't even have to print them.

    @Skull I'm digging your new avi, didn't understand the last bed, old people, death??? This ones easier...skulls and tats, its fitting.
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    This is a pretty good thread. Just reading through. On my 1st cycle I planned for all the money Id spend except food / water. And since Im a naturally skinny dude thats forever bulking it ends up costing.
    My contribution. I like getting cheap beef from the butcher from the non popular parts. Most people dont buy them because theyre a little tough. Throw it in the crock pot (everyone should have one) and it makes it tender. Also a really lazy way to meal prep. Throw a few lbs of cheap beef and veggies in. Then all you need is rice and youre good for days.
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  7. ergomaniac

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    lentils. more protein than beans. or beans if you like. whole eggs. mix lentils and whole eggs. add tabasco liberally.
    peanut butter.
    I just bought 5 lbs whiting fish for $12. thats pretty cheap.
    try combining proteins. beans, nuts, meat.
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    I always hit the reduced meat section at the store. Perfectly good meat at half the price.

    Your food costs more than your gear.
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    1.)Boneless chicken thighs
    Taste better than chicken breast and has 2 gram less protieno_O...$7

    2.) Buy 10 lb tub of peanut butter ($8.99)

    3.) Can of tuna. .88 cents. Buy enough for 2 weeks

    4.) 2 gallons of whole milk. Whole milk is the cheapest and best.

    5.) Buy the bulk eggs. 100 eggs iirc $8-12

    6.) Buy family pack of ham and turkey. $3.69 ea.

    7.) Buy bulk hamburger patties 75% fat 15% lean. 24 pack $20

    I can go on if you like...:)
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    I actually liked the last one better. It was called "The Game" See the guy was dying laying their in the hospital bed. God an the Reaper were playing a game of cards. The winner takes all lol. Its actually a pretty crazy thought an I like twisted shit like that.
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    Keep going on, ypur giving me some good ideas!!! I believe if you can, its always better to buy by the bulk;) An like @Big_paul said, I spend far more money on food than gear:eek:
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    Buy cheese & bacon to go on your grilled burger patties.

    5lb box of green spinach $5

    Flavored coffee Creamer for protein shakes $2.99

    Spaghetti sauce .99 cents (put sausage, cheese, etc...) no crust/ no veggies

    Pork chops..$9 for a huge family pack..(12 pieces)

    Bag of tilipia $9

    Bratwurst $4.99 for a pack of 6-7

    Whole chicken fryers $7.99-10.99. Should last about 2-3 days (dinner only)
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  13. Seven Dog

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    Don't go out to eat. Big $$$ saver!! And don't buy any alcohol.
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    The other day I was talking about getting a rib eye steak (12.79 per lb) out of a chuck roast (6.49 per lb). Sometimes it will be labeled accordingly, chuck eye steak, but most common labeled as a mere chuck roast. Rib eyes start from ribs 6 to 12 and the chuck eye is at rib 5. Its the same quality and tenderness just half the price.

    Heres a pic of one I got today, the rib eye is the bottom part under the fat, the chuck is on the top. You will notice the marbeling on the botton part.


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