Effect of HGH and peptides on people past their prime


I am preparing for my next procedure to have some work done on the back.


A little bit in section 2 and major work on 3 and 4 (crown and back).

I thought for a while if I should open new tread in Man's General section, but ultimately decided to do it here because I do think the decision to have hair transplant more or less is related to the life changing events for the last 18 months. Plus, there is enough information in here about the "hair" journey and so fellow board members can track the progress and have the accompanying information all in one place.

I will keep you up to date about the results here.


...and part II where it belongs (old folk thread). If y;all remember, I did mention wife's issue with natural Progesterone production - practically non-existent. She tried topical bio identical cream - the raise was statistically insignificant. P/E2 ratio was still ~6:1 (ideally should be 200:1). On my last trip to Europe, I've met with her old OBGYN and presented all blood works from the last 18 months. The lady wrote a script for French medication, a micronized bio-identical progesterone in for of a pill. It is to be taken from the first day of the period to the 25 day.

Blood was drawn on day 23. Guess what, P/E2 ratio is now 99:1. This is the tangible evidence. In terms of personal experience - her insomnia due to Estrogen dominance went away on day 2! She fails asleep faster that Democrat can say "Russia, Russia, Russia" on CNN.

As expected, her Estradiol is lower than what was last month on the 25 day - Progesterone is Estrogen antagonist.

So, elderly brothers in arms - if your better half boarded or is about to board the "crazy train", there is hope. It is called LabCorp :)


Very interesting: Effects of Aromatase Inhibition in Elderly Men with Low or Borderline-Low Serum Testosterone Levels

...We investigated the ability of the orally administered aromatase inhibitor, anastrozole, to increase endogenous testosterone production in 37 elderly men (aged 62–74 yr) with screening serum testosterone levels less than 350 ng/dl...

...These data demonstrate that aromatase inhibition increases serum bioavailable and total testosterone levels to the youthful normal range in older men with mild hypogonadism. Serum estradiol levels decrease modestly but remain within the normal male range. The physiological consequences of these changes remain to be determined...

Not that I am planning to test the conclusions of this study, but I was looking for an answer to question that have been nagged me for a while...

We do have Total Testosterone, and then Free (bio-available). Which type (if not both) is used by the aromatase receptors to convert T to E?


Had bloods done on xerendips.

Dosed 2iu eod. Took 4iu three hours before bloods.

Igf was 300. Natural level is 270s
Growth factor was 12.3

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