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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by animal71, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. KillaBig

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    Thank You,This was the first forum I joined and by far the best.
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  2. Jake Sanborn

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    Millard I haven't been here long, but I came here from Evo after they banned me from that shit board for questioning the crap I got from the AG GUYS so I have no love for those scumbags, I have found my place here at meso, I'm learning a lot from this board, and find that these bro's here are the real deal, you have the best member base of any boards, knowledge and personality wise, you should be proud your #1 "howard stern" lmao thanks for chiming in, and setting me at ease alittle
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  3. Yeah its real nice over there , NOT !! Censorship at its finest....

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      [​IMG] Why was my thread locked?
      We reserve the right to lock any thread for any reason, without notice. Spamming the forum with "why was my thread locked" threads will be treated as a rule violation. 3 strikes and you're banned.
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  4. Nick9

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    @Oregonstrong Wtf? That shit is crazy! If I'm reading that right, they're basically saying.. Here's a big fuck you, but feel free to buy some of our worthless product? There's got to be a better way!
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  5. animal71

    animal71 Representative - Evolutionary.org

    Evolutionary.org is a privately held forum. We make all the rules clear to the members when they sign up, and they are clearly posted on the forum (stickies etc.). We don't have secret rules, all rules are clearly posted for every member, as you just pointed out Oregongearhead. If someone is banned for not following openly stated rules, I don't see a problem with it. It's not like we have unwritten rules.

    We never claimed to have a "no censorship" model on the whole forum. If a member does not like our rules, they are welcome to join other forums out there. We are not forcing anyone to stay; on the contrary, if a member cannot follow our rules, we would rather part ways.

    P.S. Many members who are banned for selling steroids and drugs via our private message system are banned for a reason. We have the PMs and IPs to prove it. They get upset and run to other forums to badmouth us. I'm sorry, it's against the rules to use our PM system to sell steroids and recreational drugs, those are our rules on our forum.
  6. Jake Sanborn

    Jake Sanborn Member

    Butttt its ok that you sell your garbage knowingly, and promote your garbage you gotta be DYLAN because you seem to be the ring leader of all of you that came over, you skinny prick...
  7. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    That's correct, you encourage members openly buy and sell with each other and staff out on the open board for all to see in the "Members Trading Thread" or whatever the fuck you call it. Brilliant.
    So you admit the board is first and foremost a platform to sell the supplements you all claim to love so much? We both know, animal, that you do not use the stuff you sell to members that don't know better.
    About the pm's... are the pm's reported by members to staff or are private messages routinely accessed and read by the boss there? The question is rhetorical for many of us, as I know the answer, just curious what your answer will be?
  8. animal71

    animal71 Representative - Evolutionary.org

    I am not here to discuss the inner workings of a privately held forum over and over, as I've already clearly stated that all rules are in the open and for all to follow.

    If someone does not follow the rules, they are banned. We tell this to members when they sign up (TOS), and we tell them that openly in stickies etc. for all to see.

    If a member does not wish to follow our rules, or does not wish to be part of the evo team, they are welcome to go to other forums and enjoy themselves. No hard feelings.:)
  9. FuriousWO

    FuriousWO Member

    @animal71 still hiding behind your Meso handle? Care to share who you are on evo?
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  10. boodecarlo

    boodecarlo Member

    I don't trust politicians & that's what you sound like skating around the questions being brought up.
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  11. animal71

    animal71 Representative - Evolutionary.org

    boodecarlo, I don't trust politicians either, but life goes on. :) I prefer to keep a very professional stance on these issues.

    After all, this was a pure introduction thread to say "hi", which turned into something entirely different.
  12. Voltrader

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    Yea it turned into a thread exposing the deviant behavior over at your board. You came here and the members decided what a great way to expose what your board is. Mugzy put it best you have board full of banned members shell accounts and stolen content sounds like a great place. BTW you like apples. Again what is your handle at evo.
  13. KillaBig

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    This is a great thread for anyone considering joining Evo there's a lot of good info from past and previous members first hand accounts of how things are run.
    That's the unmoderated beauty of Meso something Evo will and never can offer.
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  14. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    Perhaps you're not, but I'll discuss what I know to be the truth about evo as told to me/us by a former/current staff member at evo.
    I have you at a disadvantage as I am known to speak the truth and your first order of business here at meso was to scheme and hide your identities with phony handles.
    Your reply to the posts from members of meso who are also members(and former members) of evo that speak of the dishonest practices at evo is that you aren't here to talk about those things.
    Here's the thing...you don't get any say in how things go around here. I'm always left laughing to myself when staff from boards like evo and the protected sources that pay for that protection come through and leave punch drunk. You all are out of practice debating and can't talk your way out of a 1 on 1 with a ten year old.
    We'll get you back in shape there whomever you are. You'd be wise to study the mod over at pro muscle that goes by the handle rAJJIN. He's good. I've left his board after engaging him exhausted with no memory of what I was arguing about? You're a hack.
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  15. pumpingiron22

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    I dont think anyone could of said it better!
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  16. animal71

    animal71 Representative - Evolutionary.org

    The rules on evolutionary are very clear and very open; they are not hidden, as every member agrees to the rules when they sign up and when they use the forums (rules are in the TOS, stickies etc.). As a private forum, we reserve the right to have our own rules and regulations, which we have - just like many other forums on the internet. Anyone who is unhappy with the rules can opt-out of being a member and visit the myriad of other great forums on the internet. We appreciate all the wonderful members we have, and we are thankful to support meso as sponsors.

    I will no longer be responding to this thread because I think everything that needed to be said, has been said. I appreciate all the feedback, and it will be taken into account.

    Thanks guys
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  17. pumpingiron22

    pumpingiron22 Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Wait they can clone me? A bunch of slenderman running around is not a good thing.
  18. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    If only you would respond to these questions or accusations when posed on evo. Instead its quickly edited out and the agitator silenced. Red China comes to mind.
    You don't appreciate anything about this day with the exception of it being over. Nothing that members here said "will be taken into account" except to terminate our acct's at evo because of it. The crew over there is only there to sell the supplements they make money from.
    There's a special place in hell for your kind. You'll be in the company of uncle z and Alin....the staff at pm and OLM. You can debate who had the best line of bullshit and who was able to get over on the most people in their useless existence.
    At the head of the table in Hell will be Bernie Madoff, the whole crew at Enron and every Ponzi Scheme charlatan the world has known...then the cast of evo off in the corner at the kids table for the rest of time. Enjoy.
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  19. It sure did , y"all come back now , ya hear ? lol

    PS- Kudo"s to BB69 for laying it all out for us . Wow
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  20. Melly Mel from hell

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    Why would you want to sponser and introduce yourself on a board that is the polar opposite of the board you represent. You've obviously been stalking this board for a while. You know what we're about. Did you really think you'd be met with open arms? We chew up and spit out your kind. We're far far beyond the dietary supplements with clever steroid names that you peddle. Maybe you guys should contact GNC. You'd be a great fit for them.
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