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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by animal71, Mar 7, 2015.

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    You just used the word "rules" 10 times to describe your forum. Are you owned by Disney by chance? Sounds like a fucking wonder land.
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    No way!
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    Nice kiddy ploy. Please. MESO is about substance. This is not helping you credibility Mr. "I personally have about 20 years of experience in the industry."

  5. heady muscle

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    GO fuck yourself!
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    I would rather pay out of my own pocket than to have these incestual shills gracing our board! This is silliness, imho.

    This is a sad day for me.
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    I just puked! ugh!
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  8. ....The villagers have assembled in the streets , they have torches . It doesnt look good for the foreigners :eek:
  9. Burrr

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    I've been running adblock for a while, and disabled it to check out whats behind the evo drama.
    First thing I read on that site is the "stallone cycle"
    500mg of cyp per day, some hgh, and of course.... 5 tabs of hcgenerate and 4cc of liquidex.

    LOL, they have a steroid cycle for every fucking fitness celebrity out there.
    And they are gonna kill someone while giving them gyno with the 500mg a day bullshit.

    Man, people are just eating that evo shit up too.
    [​IMG]Currently Active Users
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    Most users ever online was 18,075, 06-01-2014 at 03:01 PM.
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    Those user #s numbers aren't real.. There are actually 4 users online, 4 members (The jackasses that keep posting here) and no guests..... Everyone else left... :confused::confused:
  11. why should i go fuck myself for liking the videos that dude posts on youtube?
    1. they are informative and you can't deny it, i like the videos that talk about compounds and thats about it (haven't went any deeper in the dudes videos)

    so you have no right to hate on me just cause i like some of the dudes videos an you don't, so whatever problem you do have is ''your'' problem not mine, so don't be so butt hurt about me liking some of the guys youtube videos lol :D
  12. Gay Porn Industry right?
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  13. MindlessWork

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    I am wondering if we should just instead ignore those trolls joining up, rather than giving them the attention they crave. If they want respect from us they need to earn it rather than stomping their cloven hooves all over the place
  14. Blacken

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    I love Meso for being uncensored and when I saw these Evo assholes I was worried that it would become a censor board. @animal71 you bring up a valid point Evo isn't an uncensored board it has rules so you can ban people for speaking up. Here on Meso it is a bit different in fact is is the complete opposite which is why we don't like Evo much. As you can tell by our not so lovely welcome. Respect is earned here.
    Until proven otherwise we the folks of Meso will think you guys are:
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  15. Iron Alter

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    Ah yes, the rules:

    1. You must not speak bad about NTBM products.....or you will be banned.

    2. You must not speak bad about Sarms1 or question the bullshit, bathtub manner in which they're produced.....or you will be banned.

    3. All negative reviews will be deleted.....and then you will be banned.

    4. All positive reviews are fake and made by Gearhead, evo alters, and the gang of douches. Don't mention this.....or you will be banned.

    5. PM actually stands for Public Message because Big Rick Rock, Gearhead and the fagettes read them on the daily....oh yeah....and you will be banned.

    6. Don't speak bad about Evo on other forums....or you will be banned.

    7. Milk is bad for you. Don't argue this point...or you will be banned.

    8. Meat is bad for you. Veggie diets will have you jacked at 250 lbs. Don't argue this....or you will be banned.

    9. If your liver craps out, BP skyrockets, estrogen goes crazy, strength takes a dive, nuts shrivel up, sex drive tanks, crabs have taken over your bush, wife left you, boss is sexually harassing you, neighbors dog is sh1tting on your lawn, etc... All you have to do is take some N2Guard and your all good Bro!

    I'm a little lost... Where exactly are these rules posted.
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  16. Iron Alter

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    I forgot rule #10
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  17. #10...Dont ask why your threads were deleted or you will be banned .:rolleyes:
  18. boodecarlo

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    Don't get banned or you'll be banned ;)
  19. Nick9

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    Damn! EVO sounds like Internet prison.
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    What happend to Animal?