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    word :)
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    I was born cryptorchid (single undescended), and despite a couple of operations when I was about 11 or 12 Mr Right just wouldn't stay in his sac. This started before I was aware of testicles, and I notice my 10 year old son [complete] is very penis-aware but fairly oblivious to his testicles.

    In one regard, that was less traumatic than being a teenager and very self conscious about image, and having a private and vital part of my changing body threatened. But in another regard it was too soon.

    I am lucky the situation hasn't caused me to be depressed, but it has given me years of being taunted at school, and laid ground for unconfirmed rumours or stories in my small home town. I am lucky at least to have good looks, so having interested girls was not the problem, but my embarrassment at being deficient in the man-department led me to very conservative dating behaviour. In hindsight, probably a good thing as otherwise I may have been in all sorts of trouble.

    My self consciousness about my looking "normal" led me to dress in more conservative clothes when the fashion was "tight", and caused me to avoid swimming, cycle shorts, the gym, communal shower sports, surfing, wetsuits, body hugging ski pants, all lycra, and all manner of situations.
    So that was how my high school years, 20's, 30's and 40's were. I am now in my 50's and (if I found this site) obviously considering a prosthetic testicle.

    My rule of thumb regards a neutical was to not play around with my genetic material until I had children. Now I have a 10 year old and have parted from a wife and a mother, I am considering the possibility. The procedure does appear to have some downsides, and having just browsed some genetic surgery sites, I am really thankful I have what I consider attractive genitals compared to many of them. Sure I wish the penis was a bit longer like most men seem to, but it's straight, it erects properly, produces lots of precum, urinates correctly, and despite wishing the circumcision (at birth) was not so high and tight, it really does serve me (and various GF's) very well. But over-riding all of that - it has proved effective at producing off-spring, and ever since I left high school, that was my personal dream.

    I think having kids changes you in many ways, and one of them is something like "well, I don't care what my genitals are like, as I have a lover and children to prove that it all works well enough".

    A lot of the concerns you have about puberty and youth are borne by almost every boy. During that changing body time, you are very aware of body hair, shaving necessity, genital development, members of the opposite sex, sexual performance, and whether everything is "normal". You get horny, you get erections, you are shy about asking girls out, and you exaggerate your sexual prowess.

    The thing is - if you still have a testicle, it will produce all the required hormones and development will proceed the same as it would have with two. The only difference is your self-image. I was a late developer and at one stage my parent considered testosterone injections. I flatly refused to have injections and I am thankful about that now. Eventually all the normal things kicked in and I got hairy, shaved, penis grew etc. And now, in hindsight I believe that the result would have been the same with two testicles. I would still have been a late developer. Probably the development gene was associated with the cryptorchid gene and was the cause of the cryptorchidism rather than the other way around. I am not a hairy guy, and have a light beard, but then so does my father, so it's in the genes I inherited.

    I would say, that if a doctor tells you your testosterone levels are normal, then they are. In fact your figures place your nearer the upper end of the range. You could possibly get testosterone injections, but in my mind I remember that things I have read, heard or seen on TV docos, do not recommend it overall. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. At 22 you can still get more face hair. A study many years ago found that abstinence from sex made facial hair grow a lot more. This was done on the men wintering over in the South Pole for 6 months with no women.

    The study didn't mention if they masturbated. However apart from the pleasure derived masturbation has two known effects; 1) you lose the energy, minerals and proteins that the testis have been so carefully manufacturing. Not so bad if it's every few days, as it tends to recycle in this time anyway, but twice a day is a real drain on the body, and 2) your sex drive will diminish as you are satisfying it prematurely and over-often.

    I believe that many of the sex-psychos would be less of a problem to society if they had regular "normal" sex, and that things go better with sex in the equation. In the absence of a partner, masturbation is a relief of sexual pressure, but like everything in life, it should be done in moderation and balance. When I am single, I masturbate frequently and certainly couldn't go a week without it, and have periods where I manage 3 to 5 a day. When I have a partner, I probably have less orgasms than this, but they are more fulfilling, and other smaller events such as kisses and cuddles and the odd grope or other sexual activity gives an overall relief of sexual tension. Porn is the same - too much viewing porn dulls the sexual desire, or leads to unnatural desires, so it's best left in moderation also. Even the porn stars, who we think are rock hard sex studs, need "fluffers" to keep them erect during photo shoots. So they have lost that arousal at the sight of a naked woman response. When I was a teen, I probably could have had an erection for 3 hours at the thought of getting some action. Not any more, thankfully.

    Without having experience in the area of depression, I would be inclined to suggest that your concern over your self image is greater than it needs to be. I was always very conscious of my missing testicle in most social situations, as girlfriends, sex, undressing, sports, being sensitive to jokes, engaging in boyish pranks, skinny dipping, etc all presented difficult situations for me. Luckily our testicles are probably the least obvious accoutrement of our body in daily living, and in actual fact most people don't notice. The obsession with what it looks like has led me to look at males on porn sites which is not my interest at all, but I am seeking some form of verification. I once found a self-posted photo from a guy who openly admitted to one testicle and had a photo on facebook to prove that the end-effect was barely noticeable. And indeed, with some porn stars, there testicles retract so far up into their groin, you could not tell if there was one or two. However those situations are the aroused state and basically what the GF will see. So my summation is that she will barely notice, not give a hoot, and her only interest will be your performance, not your scrotum. For me I think it is the flaccid state that is most noticeable, as in when in lycra. Also I feel very conscious that when I sit, even in loose suit pants, the seam creeps right up into one side of the groin rather than parking itself along the line of the scrotal raphe and maintaining a symmetry. Workmates even gave me a badge once saying "Stop staring at my penis"? I was relieved that they had not noticed any more than just my discomfort - but in one way, that is the point - they hadn't noticed.

    The fact that you have a girlfriend means that you can attract and relate to a female, and are therefore normal in that regard. I was always very concerned about having minimal partners, so I wouldn't have to explain my scrotal lack to any more than one. But in hindsight I have slept with dozens of girls and none of them have been bothered, some not even noticing.

    One of the "valid" reasons for cosmetic surgery in general, is body image, so I think if it concerns you and you don't have an over-riding rule that stops you, like I did, then you are a valid candidate for a prosthetic. And now that I have surpassed my rules requirements, I am also a valid candidate. I do worry about "surgery" and "recovery" time, and any negative effects, but at the same time, I am bursting to strut my stuff at the pool without feeling self conscious. Also I am pretty sure that my 10 year old will soon notice changes in that area, as he becomes more aware. At present we have a relaxed attitude to nudity and bathing in the home. So sooner is better than later.

    The morning woody, won't be related to your operation, it will be a normal evolution as you grow and age. You probably have 6 erections during the night that you are not aware of. If you can still get an erection when you are stimulated, then that's all good. Also as regard visual things during puberty - that was all you had, so that was your climatic sex moment. If you have a GF now you maybe have consummated the relationship and now at 23 intercourse is the pinnacle of your climatic excitement.

    I can totally relate to your self esteem, being related to having one testicle, as I know how it has affected my daily life for perhaps 40 years. I am just lucky it has never actually got me down, as I regard it as something beyond my control, and more preferable than a lisp, missing fingers, shorter leg, diabetes, retardation, being in a wheel chair, or almost any visible illness that could beset you or take over your daily life.

    I think the contact with similarly affected people is fantastic, and something I have never had until this forum today. Looking at the male nude has been the nearest form of verification I have been able to get so far, but I only ever found the one confirmed mono-testis photo, so essentially it was a very unrewarding search. Having partners gave me self-assurance, and I must admit I worried less when I was having regular sex (hence my theory further above). But possibly having a child was the greatest validation that it's OK, as now I have proved to the world that I am male. And maleness was the perceived threat felt from others finding out that one testicle was all I had.

    What would be good, would be if you could wear the extra testicle around for a week to see what you thought, before having it implanted. I think hernia patients have some sort of underpants that cradle their testicles, so something like that, that held an appropriately measured and chosen prosthetic would at least let you feel what sitting, biking, driving, trouser-fly decorum, various clothing items, etc were going to be like for you. If it was out with one and in the the new I wouldn't hesitate, but as someone has mentioned, there may be advantages of having the extra room available that I just don't appreciate to their full extent. It would also let one feel the firmness etc, and decide if it met criteria. If no-one has noticed, one is used to the current feeling, and a replacement felt un-natural, then it could be an easy choice to decline. Personally, I want the correct anatomical look, but may not be too prepared to compromise. And in 20 years time, I don't want it hanging out of my shorts. lol.

    The replies to your post are brilliant, and I thank both you and the respondents for this thread. This forum allows a candid and honest response.
    I apologise in advance if I haven't used quoting and formatting correctly, as this is my first post.
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    Best first post I ever read :)
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    Wow. Talk about a thorough post! Thanks for taking the time to respond in such depth. I can relate to so much of what you said.

    The only thing I'm curious about is whether you got an eventual orchiectomy for the testicle that would not stay descended in your scrotum. I hope that you did, otherwise, you're at risk for cancer!
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    i agree. very honest and sincere on what has to be a tough subject for a guy.
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    Never did get an orchiectomy. I believe it just completely atrophied away. I had a urologist examine it about 12 years ago and he found no evidence of anything. And in fact the cord was still stitched to the inside of my scrotum, so that's where it would have to be. That sucker, just wasn't gonna be in that sac. Also I had a full medical exam just before Xmas and the doctor requestioned this and cautioned the same as yourself. However I explained the cord, assumed atrophy and after he had done an abdominal exam he was inclined to agree with me. Can't do much more, other than have an ultrasound I guess. The danger period for testicular cancer is in the younger years, so I must have scraped through.

    Further to my first post - I have discovered the hernia type underwear is called a suspensory. There was a full range online at;
    International Jock. << Suspensories at International Jock Underwear & Swimwear >>. Weird looking things, but obviously perform a function.

    However I managed my own little experiment to have twin-boys for a day. I bought some 9-12 shoe-size sox for a 5-8 year old. Cotton blend, kids, no-show sports socks. You know the ones with the top ending below the ankle. They have a foot and and heel and no upright part. Perhaps the next size would be easier, but anyway, I can slip my existing genitalia into the sock and the ball sits nicely in the heel to stop it sliding off. After getting used to both getting this on and wearing the sock for a full day, I then tried my experiment hinted at in my first post. I slipped a substitute ball into the deficient side of the sock and wore it all day. In my case I just used a ping-pong ball, as it was the nearest suitable item. With thought I think something better could be found. Perhaps a laying decoy egg for chickens. As one day around home I tried a small fresh egg and it was a perfect match, but too heavy and fragile. I seem to recall it was a 45 gm egg.

    But the results were partly what I expected. Trousers did not ride up one side of my groin, they parked the centre seam down the root of the penis and the raphe. Perfect. Suspicion one proven to be true.
    The other discoveries were that; a) a second testicle did enhance the package, as it all had to sit in front of the legs when sitting, rather than one testicle slipping between the legs. That may vary, as the ping-pong ball has no squishy-ness and just pushes out front, and
    b) the extra testicle takes a bit more managing for sitting and other activities, as there is more bulk to park correctly. I haven't yet tried cycling, and possibly wouldn't try swimming at a public pool.

    I am very happy with the current look when naked, and think it's barely noticeable. It is a slight barrier to new sex partner bedding manoeuvres, but I've grown used to that, and it hasn't bothered any of them. I think part of my comfort level is attributed to my having offspring and part to a maturity about your body and it's function, as you grow older and realise parts of it are likely to malfunction soon enough.

    My main concern with look is when dressed, which for better or worse, is my state much of the time. Now that I can swim (only learnt 10 years ago), I really enjoy it, and would like a more symmetrical look in speedos or lycra. Also the trouser up the side of the groin is very uncomfortable when watching a movie or sitting in a soft couch. It has at times pinched the skin and led to uncomfortable rashes and abrasions that take a few days to heal.

    One aspect I was unsure of, was whether a neutical would park itself correctly when there is no scrotum on one side, (as it's never been used since 10 year old op). The Dr at the medical said that the scrotum is a single sac and both balls share it. I am not 100% sure of that, as some men have them hanging at different heights, like two sacs. I wouldn't want two on one side and none on the other, that would be worse than the status quo.

    I am sure there is enough skin, as in a hot bath I can spread it out and envision ample room for a second testicle. It's just a case of how it would hang.

    Also I don't believe the prosthetic is very believable yet. The Dr called it a "nylon" which raised fears of a poor attempt to just fill the hole, with no attention to detail. I would want a "nut" inside a slippery egg shaped sac, so it squished around the same as the normal one. Not one like my ping-pong ball (table-tennis ball to some) that just sits in one spot like a boil, and because it lacks squishy-ness, it just rides up to the point of least resistance and parks there, not to move down again without assistance.

    I appreciate the other comments made and the concern re cancer. It is such a welcome thing to finally find a place to talk about this stuff. Well I hope not to many typos and spelling mistakes, and that this reads well enough to make sense of it. Also I would be interested in anyone else's before and after comments with regards to trouser crotch seams, positioning twice the payload, general comfort levels, and even experiences with repositioning "nylons" that float into unnatural positions. I seem to recall the original poster that started this thread, as regarding his prosthetic as a blatant fake, that could be spotted from a mile away, so more comment on the architecture etc that led him to that belief would also be interesting.

    A single testicle that behaves naturally may well be less noticeable than an impostor riding side-saddle. And one thing for certain, if it creates a discomfort that leads to any self-consciousness, then it will sure as hell attract attention as the owner hides, positions, adjusts or just plain remains self conscious about it.

    Probably safer to think of the body as a vehicle rather than the temple. Keep the temple in the mind, where after all a part of the body is already named temple! Keep the vehicle maintained, but as long as it performs the job, it's not worth destroying the temple, over a tuning problem. We are all different, use your natural talents, and use them to the max.

    Blerta Out.
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    Cheers, thanks. It's good to actually talk about it.
    I believe the non-performing nut has atrophied. I have had a recent medical where they expressed the same concern and decided all was OK. As the "repair" surgery in my youth actually sewed the nut into the sack, it never went anywhere after that.
    I may have killed any chance of success, and having a second nut, by standing on a small wooden stool as a kid, and it flipping over, with me landing on the leg of the stool with my scrotum. They didn't seem to believe that at the time, but if I was a recalcitrant teste, then I wouldn't be hanging around with that sort of treatment. Would you?

    The main thing is that you think you look different. Sometimes that just ain't noticeable. Some people's "normal" equipment is more bizarre than a mono-nutted dude. So take heed.

    I really stepped out of my comfort zone yesterday, by going to an open day for a nudist/naturist camp, and spending the entire day naked. It was the perfect day for it as the temp was 32 degrees C, and I could spend the day in and out of the pool without sticky wet togs on all day. The people were all nice and relaxed (very actually), non-judgmental, and no-one said a thing about my nut-sack. And that's even with it shaved, as has apparently become the norm these days. That turned out to be true, with most people sporting less hair than they would normally have.

    And I enjoyed it. Swimming free, is something else. I have also joined a free beach group, which has given me a list of all the nude swimming places. I have been several times, but not seem others yet. There are MILES of unoccupied beaches. The experience of the free beach swimming, in public, albeit deserted, and my custom of being nude at home a lot of the time, helped me to feel comfortable naked, and gave me enough confidence to not worry about the dreaded erection popping up unwanted in company. It turned out to not be a problem whatsoever. The experience was really nice seeing parents and kids, teenagers and young marrieds, all naked, all natural, all comfortable. It felt like a family, when everybody was naked.

    Did I cop an eyeful? As a newbie I perhaps glanced more than the regulars, but really I think the novelty would be gone pretty quickly. I suspect eventually, you'd be no more interested than you are in looking at people's ear shapes. Pretty much every genital area is different in some way. There's loose hangers, big nuts, small nuts, even hangers, lopsided hangers, tight sacs, and then in the penis department, fat girth, thin girth, massively long, tiny short, pendulous, parked in the garage, circumcised, short foreskins, long foreskins, brown, pink, whatever, on it goes. Breasts I think I have seen enough to hardly notice them, although the young girls do sport delightful perky breasts, but you just appreciate them, rather than lust after them.

    The main thing was the people were genuine, relaxed and comfortable, and it was a safe and permissive place to be bare all day. I even stayed for a BBQ tea and didn't leave til 8pm. It was very hard to put clothes on to drive home. And when I got home it was still 30 degrees, so off came the gear again.

    So if you are uncomfortable, step outside the comfort zone, by being a visitor to a naturist camp. You will realise, that your perception of yourself means bugger all to other people. Once you have done this, you will have made a step forward. I went on an open day, and was thinking that I didn't want to be naked in front of some that were dressed, but in fact they were the minority, and the comfort of walking, sunning and swimming in the heat, easily outweighed any discomfort.

    Gotta go, I have staff coming, and we don't work naked.

    Regards to all you who are having a ball (singular). We are apparently 1 in a hundred, so it's not that rare at all.
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    You're right about some people's "normal" tackle looking rather bizarre. Those of us with one tend to think that everything would look perfectly semetrical and ideal down there if we were dual, but that's hardly the case for a lot of guys. Some men have one testicle that looks ridiculously smaller than the other.

    The truth is most guys don't actually give that part of their anatomy much thought. Those of us who have one give it a lot of thought because we realize something is 'wrong' and not 'normal,' but if we had never experienced this variation we would probably not give the testes a whole lot of thought either.
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    Exactly. Disproportionate concern. And without having a forum like this to discuss our feelings and reactions, we would probably escalate our own concerns. The saying - a problem shared is a problem halved, is in fact true.

    Think how much we admire people with missing fingers or arms who just get out there and do it. I mean, as an example, tonight I saw a spinabafida (sp?) guy do the first forward flip in a wheelchair, in the history of mankind. I am not sure if he uses a wheelchair permanently, but he didn't seem to have full use of his legs.

    But the thing about many people is that they don't have to go to a naturist park for the "mere possibility" that someone will notice their deformity, they have to front up to other people every day, compete for jobs, learn skills, win friends and girlfriends with their personality, and so on. I still don't know if anyone at the naturist park noticed I had one ball. The thing is, once everyone is undressed, then it's not the same as comparing clothes, it's more like, "everyone is the same". The other thing is, they are more interested in who you are, than what you look like. Even from the other side of the coin (ie. me), I didn't mind seeing 70 year old people naked, but if you sat in a restaurant and someone asked how you'd react to seeing some 70 year old naked, you'd probably have a fit over how bad you'd find it. But that's just drama queen stuff, until you actually try it.

    So now I am in the situation where I feel less different naked, than when I am wearing speedos,cycle shorts, or any tight fitting clothing that reveals. That is bizarre. I even suspect that if someone said- "have you just got the one testicle?", I'd be more comfortable saying yeah, just the one and not be worried by it, than I would if I was in clothes. In fact, that is definite, I'd be mortified if someone said that to me clothed.

    I guess a medical is kind of half way, where you have your clothes off, get poked and prodded (and up the arse to boot, for the prostate), and the doctor man-handles your only jewel to check for lumps, asks a bit of history about it, and then you go home and wait for a report. You tell him, and you discuss it, because it's his job. I suppose if you had a bad condition and were constantly having people examine you, you may start to feel at ease telling people about your condition. But because one testicle is such a mind numbingly trivial problem to have, then you don't get to show it, or discuss it much at all. That's enough of that.

    So come on guys. Those that have either still have or at one stage had a single testicle - write in about any experiences with clothing, positioning the boys, what fake ones felt like, breaking out of the comfort zone, or even if it's just to say
    "Build a bridge and get over it, I've had a single nad for 20 years and never given it a second thought. I tell my mates, they all know, and most have had a glimpse at some stage. Start livin',
    .you only get so long you know..."

    Blerta out
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    Well, a year on and no-one has taken up the challenge to talk about their nads. So that shows how high a priority this really has, eh. I was hoping for some discussion on how the trousers ride up, but "c'est la vie" if no-one has noticed or compared, or can be bothered writing about it.

    A young New Zealand All Black (national rugby team) has come out about having one testicle, to use his experience to benefit anyone who may be in a similar situation. That is amazing openness, and he comes across as the most genuine guy imaginable. I guarantee that it will not be stopping the female admirers. In fact they may be more eager for the new experience perhaps.

    Had my second visit to the naturist club on their open day again. Enjoyed the spa, and the beautiful sunny day and met more interesting characters. One guy of 86 had one arm and don't tell me that was less obvious than a knacker! He said he had never had a day off work for illness in his life but in the last 10 years had had all sorts of medical adventures. But at least he was still socialising, out in the sun, naked with other people. So can't say he wasn't enjoying what he has left in life. He was a great dude to talk to.

    An old girlfriend, who I actually did love back in the day, invited me for dinner, and we enjoyed our time together. So the is potential there.

    I used to think I'd use the epitaph "Took a while, but I got here in the end", but to refocus, I feel I should change it to something like "Always prepared to try anything once", or "If you have a daily grind - make it coffee", or "Here already, so much more I wanted to do". Joie de vivre.

    This seems to be THE only discussion on this topic, that I can find on the web. That surprises me. Is it because the monorchids are THAT private about their situation, that they cannot even join a discussion with a pseudonym? Or does it just mean that like me, they all realise they can't change it, so just get on with things?

    Blerta out.
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    Hello again. Another 18 months have gone by, and still no responses! Perhaps the discussion is enough for people to placate themselves with what has already been said, without expanding upon it.
    I am seriously considering a long-term relationship with the girl I mentioned previously. The mono-nad doesn't even come into it. We have always had great sex, and we can even joke about the single nut now.
    I have flagged the idea of surgery to add another nut. I think that accepting myself naked (at the naturist camp, beach and swimming at home with my son), all contribute to lowering any issues with self-esteem. I am just not excited about any surgery, don't feel lacking in sperm, testosterone or hormones, and am way too concerned that a neutical would have a very unnatural feel.
    My only interest now is in comfortable and symmetrical clothing. The trouser seam (you may have gathered, from my persistent mentioning of it) is the only real issue as it effects appearance when seated, as well as causing a discomfort by lodging right up one side of the genitalia and pinching the skin. I have discovered, in the swimming trunk line, that the important factor to mitigate lopsided appearance, is to buy swimming costumes with no central seam at the front. This allows the bulges to spread out in the space without being compartmentalised towards left or right. In the underpants line I guess the same applies. The most comfortable being along the lines of the old USA tightie-whities with no central seam other than a small tuck under the scrotum, and leg bands rather than groin elastic. The comfort factor here is that the leg bands hold the legs closed, while the material can naturally fold into the groin and stop the boy(s) sticking to other skin, while (once again) the bulges just apportion themselves naturally in the space available.
    Neither of these however will stop the trouser seam from ramming it's way up the 'free-parking' side of the genitalia. I think the only solution for that would be to wear low-rider jeans.
    There is possibly sportspeople out there who have a single nad and wear lycra with gay abandon (historic sense of the phrase), and are not noticed. We know Lance Armstrong rides a bike after TC surgery, but what I am not sure of, is whether he has a replacement neutical? I can't say I've looked at any photos to make a judgment.

    It is actually a shame there is not a website/blog devoted to discussing this topic, if 3% of boys are born with a missing nad, and 1% go on to have it require intervention. I guess there is a percentage of success with the intervention, but it's likely to be 5 people in a thousand that have a missing nad, at least, so either it is only the minority who have any concern over it, or there are a lot of concerned people that don't know where to turn.

    The fact that more than one company makes neuticals in a variety of sizes, suggests that the market is more than a couple of dozen people.

    I have seen some posts online with people linking to photos of their mono-gonad genitals. It actually isn't that weird, and if a site made more of these available, then perhaps those sporting the meat and single vege, would feel more at ease. It would need to be a login site like this, and perhaps offensive stuff moderated out, but it could be beneficial.

    Gotta go.
    Blerta out.
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    A buddy of mine in college was down one nad from cancer. He was the biggest horn dog ever, for what it's worth.
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    Nine years on, and I revisited this forum to find only one more post. A comforting one too. I actually heard of a guy who told girls he had testicular cancer and was not long for this earth, and really wanted to enjoy sex while he was here. So many obliged and gave him sex. He was of course lying, but it worked well for him.

    Looking at statistics, I have found this...
    The American Urological Association report that 3–4 percent of full-term male newborns and 21 percent of those born prematurely have an undescended testicle. Usually, only one testicle does not descend. Both are undescended in 10 percent of cases.
    About 3% of full-term and 30% of premature infant boys are born with at least one undescended testis. However, about 80% of cryptorchid testes descend by the first year of life (the majority within three months), making the true incidence of cryptorchidism around 1% overall.
    so, there must be millions of males with this condition. Certainly the Drs. don't exclaim surprise during a medical. It seems then that only a small percentage are concerned by it. And how would we ever know if that percentage were not people who would otherwise be overly concerned about some other form of body image perception? But they have been dealt the monorchid card to obsess over?

    As an update on my activities.
    I did date the girl mentioned for about a year, but she was an alcoholic and I was clearly an impediment to her drinking. I laid a few home truths on the line about the perceptions her daughter would have as she grew up and I think that killed any chance of a relationship. Also I was so uptight about sexual performance that she got sore and was exhausted from orgasms before I would be finished. Being half drunk she probably was wanting wham-bam-thankyou-Maam and to go to sleep!

    I have met a new lady who happens to be a nudist and also does nude modelling, so is very relaxed naked. This is refreshing. She unfortunately lives about 6 hours drive away. We haven't had sex yet, but both look forward to it. It is strange when we have both seen each other naked many times before we consider sleeping together.

    The trouser up one side of the groin, I have discovered is an affliction that even people with huge balls sometimes get, so it's not unique to uni-ballers. Certain cuts and fabrics minimise this, so if it's a problem, seek out something better. I think I have found heavier stretch fabric is more "averaging".

    I still enjoy the naturist life and spend much more time naked at home, go to nude swims at a hot pool, the odd trip to nude beaches or rivers and feel comfortable nude amongst like-minded people. I went to a birthday day at the naturist park last year and the feedback on me as a visitor was so positive it made my head swell - so obviously I will fit in admirably when I choose to join (in my retirement I think).

    I have found another useful item in the swimming apparel department. Actually on aliexpress.com. There are speedos and trunks that have a pouch in the front and a modesty insert that nicely evens out any distortion in the way your package crams into a tight space. Great for concealing a small package, missing nut, overly obvious glans or asymmetrical ball sacs. I purchased one for lap swimming and feel totally confident laying down in the sauna or steam room and strutting around the pool. So yeah, it obviously does make a difference to your psyche. This is one more tool to make life a little easier, so I can recommend a pair. You may have to experiment with styles and sizes, but they are so much cheaper than locally, that you can make a few mistakes to get the correct pair. Step up two sizes say L to XXL as the Chinese sizing is tiny.

    I did a little bit of ball-stretching with a view to centralising the sac and raphe a bit when standing naked, rather than a skittle beside the jack on the bowling green. This seems to work quite well. Whatever skin needs to stretch to make things hang more centrally gets a workout and the rest stays as it is. This might seem an excessive length to go to, or that I obsess over it but I don't really. I am just a guy that will try anything once - more if I like it. I don't do this regularly, but I think it actually is working as I wished. Unless of course older age just causes sag? However I am one for doing my research, and found a discussion once on this and the consensus was that it wasn't a given to hang lower - some guys did and some guys didn't. So I think it'll still be in my shorts - if I'm still wearing any when I retire!

    I have not found any other forums like this one. Honest, straight up without trolling and mindless chatter. I did find a site or two on Tumblr for guys with one nut and, who were proudly showing photos and free to talk about it, but I believe Tumblr has removed all material that is vaguely sexual in nature. There are no doubt other destinations, but I have no interest in seeking them out.

    If this post, raises this thread again in the forum, and newer viewers want to express their experiences, then please do. Even if it is to say you are one of the many who have never been concerned by a single testicle, shared thoughts or expressed a desire to hear others experiences. I mean we are talking possibly 1% of the male population here, so share your stories. Please. It does help to feel part of a group, rather than an odd one out.

    Nut on,
  14. Uglyrichie

    Uglyrichie Member

    Sorry didn't read all the posts brother-in-law was born with out a nut has 3 kids and is athletically jacked I wouldn't worry. On the lighter side one nut is easier to get in their mouth than 2. But seriously tons of guys rock one nut it dosent make you less of a man
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