F U Circle!!!!


fuck circle bro they take all the anonymity out of it, u can buy btc on localbtcoins.com or on paxful.com.

no fucking limits no id nothing

I just tried paxful. I typed in buy 1 BTC, and the ONLY seller wanted me to pay $770 for 0.5 BTC. You're getting severely ripped off man
No you're not bro. I can buy 1 BTC for less than $800 on localbitcoins.com or paxful.com. U have to search around for good offers but paying $770 for 0.5 BTC is an extreme rip-off I do agree. That means ur paying over $1,500 per BTC. What payment method r u using? I normally buy BTC with cash deposits and those cost me around $780-800 for 1 BTC


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Because every circle account can no longer make a deposit .
They stopped doing it all together.
I just opened a coin base account ,
Started at 2500

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ok , thank you , I thought I would have gotten an email from them .
My limit is still 400. But I just realized that it is US dollars not Bitcoin. Circle is now a service for sending money from person to person not Bitcoin. Unless you already have some in your account.


Its true. Circle allowed me to put $400 on my account then told me I cant send to bitcoin address. How do I get my $ out now?