Fatloss drugs for females

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids - Open to Everyone' started by nervje, Mar 11, 2019.

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    Both men and women.
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  3. What about injectable carnitine
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    Thankfully she ended up not ordering the ephedrine and i could convince her to not do any drugs to aid fatloss.
    Its weird, i dont have problems running DNP cycles, clen and tren myself but really dont want her to run any kind of ped or some sort of fat burning compound or any other drug wether ped or recreational
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    That’s a normal thought about your girl. I do what I do, but cannot bring myself to advise anyone in my immediate family to follow advice on supps. I just give them my knowledge on otc products good and bad. When it comes to someone you love, ADVICE is different than what we all know and post.


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    Is ephedrine illegal? What type of ephedrine?
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    It's a little bit of a grey area... Buying it from the pharmacy is fine, although it's more difficult to get in some states that are having a meth problem. It's not legal to be sold as a cosmetic or dietary drug, only for asthma or colds. I wouldn't try to import a bunch of raw ephedrine powder...
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    So I don’t need a script? Just buy cold medicine?
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    No, you'll want to go to the pharmacist's pickup counter and tell them you want bronkaid. If they don't have it, ask for primatene. The former is better than the latter. They'll ask for your ID and you'll have to sign something. Sounds sketchy but it's really no big deal.

    Now, the expectorant that's in it, guaifenesin, can be a problem for some people. I don't like it... It gives me a feeling of general gunk in my throat and chest. So, you can look for ephedrine overseas from a source. I don't recommend the injectable version. There's a veterinarian grade that's good, eurnace is the brand I think... That's good shit.

    I've always been surprised that some Canadian ephedrine isn't found more often in the states, it's legal OTC as a dietary supplement... Seems like it would slip over the border at least occasionally but I'll be dammed if I've ever found any.
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    Eman, thanks for this great info and insight

    Would be nice to avoid the expectorant. I’m not immediately finding that vet grade material but will look further. That could be easier and domestic.

    Thanks again
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    Instead of turning to drugs, just tell her to quit being lazy and get on top for a change.

    Assuming you can get it up. :p
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    Lmao, damn!
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    Dude phentermine is the absolute shit.
    Great for appetite suppressant, minimal to zero sides.
    Tons of energy helps you kill your workout.

    Research it, there is a thread on it somewhere with tons of links that I have posted.
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    mine uses phentermine.. turns her into a bitch but she drops bf.. She dropped to 16% from 19% in about 2 months. She does Crossfit though.