Female cycle for a little mass

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    Yea unfortunately for me and many others had no choice when we started... I'm sure the girls you know were the same... there is just so little information about women and aas that you really have no choice that you are prepared to take the risk and see what happens. And it's not necessarily a bad thing as I'm pretty aware of my body and what I can do and what the compounds I've done do to me... so I now have those references. Otherwise, I'd never know.

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    My wife absolutely loves primo, if you look around some people carry an oral version.
    Personally think would be more effective for an offseason cycle and less sides. Cost is probably double though.
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    In theory she could drink the injectable primo. It would taste terrible but primo is primo wether it's in liquid or a tablet/capsule. Not sure regarding the benzoyl alcohol content or whatever's used for sterilization though, might wanna run that by the docs on the forum regarding its safety if consumed orally. from what Ive seen the same methenelone is used for both injectables and oral primo products, the difference is the excipients and compounding.

    Just some food for thought.

    I woukdnt recommend winny for a girl. I mean for starters winny isn't even good for mass gains which from what I understand is what she's after, but it's also a potent androgen which is what most women want to avoid when juicing. Doesn't seem to be worth the risk.
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    Your theory is slightly off. Orals are typically short esters or no esters. Primo has 2 versions. Enanthate ester/depot for injectibles and acetate for injectible and oral. It's the prep with primo that differs.

    Winny is the one compound that the suspension you can either inject or take orally. Winny is an option for women. It's typically a love or hate compound. It has its good uses depending on goals.

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    Ah yes. For some silly reason I forgot about the enanthate ester of methenelone. I do wonder though, seeing as methenelone owes its oral bioavailability to methylation rather than 17AA, wouldnt the enanthate ester still work orally? If the acetate works orally shouldn't the enanthate also work?

    I've never been a fan of Winstrol. Have used it, but if I was going that route again I'd rather pickup masteron. I can't believe ladies are taking winny, seems too risky to me in terms of virilization and there's not a lot of payoff using winny to begin with let alone at ultra conservative doses that might avoid said androgenic sides.

    You've taken winny goddess? You crazy, girl!
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    Orals are short half life... Enanthate, if it was used in orals, would have to have a life of hours not days...but that's when the other no ester, acetate, etc comes in. Plus it's how the compound is manufactured. There are too many variables and that's a whole other topic. It's just not very feasible to try and use enanthate anything as oral... how would your body break it down? By the time it passes, there would be nothing left of the hormone...

    Winny is a love or hate compound. I agree. I'm on the hate side as I am not much into quick bulk. I'm more the var, primo, mast, Proviron and even sdrol or adrol type. Honestly, winny is great in adding mass in women and really not any worse than EQ or Test for sides. When I ran EQ, I got worse sides from that than winny.

    And of course I tried it... a few times. Lol... if you don't try, you'll never know what it will do for you. So that's been my theory. Gotta try it all at least once and then come up with my favorite AAS cocktail. Hehehe

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