Female libido

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    I want to know what happened to @Melissa
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    Wait till you have her alone throw her down pull her pants off an dive face first in that vijayjay always worked for me are u literally asking her to have sex in my experience women hate that show her how bad u want her with your actions not your words
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    This is called rape
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    Its only rape if she doesn't like it lol
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    :D Little role play can be fun too
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    He'll yeah just make sure the safe word isn't no please stop that shit gets confusing
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    has anyone used hcg for libedo?
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    I’m currently using it and don’t notice any increase. My wife is horny all the time so I can’t attribute it to her libido.
  9. Hawkins

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    Direct correlation to elevated estrogen and libido for me.

    So... 250IUs twice a week brings estrogen up and I notice a big difference. High test or lower test dose, it doesn’t really matter.

    Just FYI...
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    it helps mine, no idea what it does for women