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  1. Too many of these joker come from source boards thinking they're going to get the "Welcome. Nice list!" treatment. That's why so many have turned tail and ran away.

    Then there's these dummies that are green as fuck that think they can waltz in, post a list, then sit back and collect orders.

    But they all learn. Some take longer than others, but they all learn.
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    new source's thoughts: Oh yeah these bodybuilders are naive, I will name my product superhyper tren and also find a nice ass name, lets see what is trending, oh fendi is the hottest fashion brand, ok ready. Lets now buy a boiler, some filters and some raws, I will just overdose at first to get them excited and then cut the dose in 1/3. Man selling steroids is free money!!!
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    Just wait till next Friday for the long 4th of July weekend...gonna be fun!
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    if I ever had a lab and named it after a high end designer product , please execute me on the spot
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    I did some research, found this interesting! All types of filters have a low threshold for BA. I would assume BA is the strongest solvent we use for run of the mill compounds.
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