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    The intelligence he has vomited out in his posts isn’t even from his own experience! He’s tried to use the experience of other members here to compensate for his lack of knowledge. He’s obviously trying not to show how ignorant he truly is! But it still has shown! :confused:
    Then fill the gaps with his months of research from Wikipedia! :eek:

    Fuckin Wikipedia!? o_O
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  3. All you have to do is tell us that you're throwing all of your current stock in the trash, but instead add a small sticker to each of the vials that says "New Batch. Proper Filter" and no one will ever know the difference... Until your gear causes necrotizing facetious. But by then, you'll have plenty of cash and can just start over again with a new lab name.
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    Facetious or fasciitis?
  5. D'oh! God damn auto correct. How fucking gay is this keyboard app that if i type necrotizing the following word suggestions are To/The/I and not fasciitis. Faggot Google piece of shit app.

    Had to wing it earlier, but you get the point.
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    That’s what you get for using anything Google. Fascist bastards.
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    just came to say that this is possibly the gayest name I've ever seen for a source
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    Idk, Gucci Gear was/is pretty damn gay.
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    Fucking lulz man
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    Least it was not necrotizing falacio :D
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    *necrotizing fellatio
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    LMAO, didn't SAIYAN say the exact same thing or was it another one of these pop up labs??? LOL.....
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    Lol, @MisterSuperGod rather enjoys some necrophilic fellatio.
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    I’m telling you - these are the same guys. They really think we’re that stupid.
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    @88GENERAL88 was the expert witness as to the gayness of this individual. The prosecution rests, no further questions.
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    The crash and burn here happened extremely quickly. I’m always up for a little instant gratification.
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  19. Sure are a lot more USA domestic sources these days...
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    man at least try a little bit so we can draw blood, this is not even fun giving up so easy... :(
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