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Forests Cycle 4 School Show. 7/7 - 9/13

Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by Capt Forest, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    Liquid man. it worked well for me. according to my bloods
  2. Hendrix91

    Hendrix91 Member

    Any idea what your baseline t3 is? My girls is like 2.1 so just below range and they won't but her on meds they say oh no no it's fine don't worry about it.. but she has a lot of trouble getting very lean even on a strict contest prep diet and routine.. so looking for something legit to keep her on. Was trying to get Tiromel from ADC/RRX but they're always out
  3. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    i actually have no idea what my baseline t3 levels are. I can tell you that when i posted my results up to a thyroid group community they confirmed my levels at that dosage were standard.

    Knowing that i do not think that t3 is as dangerous as the bb community makes it out to be. the members of that community albit all suffer from thyroid conditions would talk about taking upwards of 100mcg t3 a day to feel "normal" I know for next time i will be getting a t3 t4 blend. T4 plays a role in body funtions and supping t3 will loop out t4 production.

    I say give it a shot and then get test and relay your info to me, I got my levels on 50mcg a day. I think i might have been on 75mcg the night before the test. regardless 50 - 75mcg each day should be harmless.
  4. Hendrix91

    Hendrix91 Member

    I agree it will be harmless, especially for someone who is legitimately hypothyroid
  5. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    Day 75 (Day 6)
    Test prop 100mg eod (Legend)
    tren Ace 150eod (RC Labs)
    Msten 30mg ed (Celtic Labs)

    I missed the gym today. I can feel the back pumps from the msten all day. Its killer i know this shit is strong. The pip from the ace and the prop is bad. Its like a 2 day recovery from that brusing feeling.

    I shot 1.5ml tren ace and 1ml test prop today.
  6. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    Alright so after all the buzz and with out further adu here are my resutls from my show.

    I weighted in at 176.4lbs and took second overall.
    My Before cycle pic.
    Pose down for the top 2

    I am happy with the way i look. I am not happy with taking second overall. I gave it my all. I hope that you guys have enjoyed my log its not over till i jump on pct. The better part of my cycle is in the books. I hope that i provided a quality log that was informative and worth reading a few times a week. Thank you all for your tips and contributions.
  7. Manski

    Manski Member

    This sucks !
  8. Manski

    Manski Member

    Talking bout the gear. Seems some people get good stuff and some people not.
  9. hotdog23

    hotdog23 Member

    Sure your not talking about genetics?
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  10. Mr.Bravo

    Mr.Bravo Member

    I cant believe you came in second that other dude dosnt have any separation.
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  11. Mr.Bravo

    Mr.Bravo Member

    Hell of a transformation brother
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  12. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    Day 76 (Day 7)
    Test prop 100mg eod (Legend)
    tren Ace 150eod (RC Labs)
    Msten 30mg ed (Celtic Labs)

    Today I trained chest and bis. I think that these are some of my weak areas.

    incline db press
    3x 12x 55lb (each hand) It was a small gym they were the biggest dbs

    flat bench press
    30x 135lb
    20x 155
    12x 185

    Cable curl w/rope
    12x 60lb
    12x 80
    10x 90

    Standing db curls
    3x 10x 30lb (each hand)

    It was just a quick work out to keep my muscles having to heal.
  13. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    Day 77 (Day 8)
    Test prop 100mg eod (Legend)
    tren Ace 150eod (RC Labs)
    Msten 30mg ed (Celtic Labs)

    No gym for me today. I was looking to train shoulders but that will have to be for day 78. Today i pined the tren and the prop and it was the sloppiest injection so far. I know this one is going to leave some pip. The msten has my viens poping out like crazy. If i was on this stuff the day of the show it would have been unreal. I guess thats what you get when gear is properly dosed.

    Pip is a major btch from the last injection in my left glute.
  14. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    Any one coming over and viewing this from ASF and wondering why i got banned and what is going on regarding my testosterone levels read this. I attempted to post it under the name Forest TheMartyr but it was not allowed up.

    The bloods are not fake. Not a chance in hell. They are not a copy of someone elses. They are mine. This is a low blow attempt by uplifted to save face. The sust was/is bad. You guys can follow along here and read my log

    To answer about what i asked for as conpensation for the the trash gear. I did ask for 200% - 300% more due to the amount the gear was underdosed. I had 11 vials on hand. I spoke to joe bad about this and even gave him the math i used to determin my compensation.

    I ordered the legend gear expecting to use the same pin pattern as flubber. He pined sust 250 mon and thurs 2ml per week (500mg) he got his bloods back at 3800 TT. I used the same exact method and mine came back less then half of that. at 1471.

    There is no way i purposly underdosed my gear cause i was using to get ready for a show. Read my log and you will see that was the whole point.

    so with the expectation of bloods hiting around 3800 TT i pinned 500 ew. Now do not mistake me i did not expect the same exact number for tt as flubber but i did expect it to be close with in 200 points up or down.

    so here is how i figured it assuming that test is relitivly linear when injected. 1471/250 = 5.88. This number represents the mg to Total Test ratio. each mg sust = 5.88 now i take this number and divide it by the results that flubber had aka the resutls that i was expecting 3800. 3800/5.88 = 646.26 this number represents the amount of sustanon that i would have to inject on monday and thursday to get similar resutls to flubbers. Now this number(646.26) is 2.59 times more than 250. Now that i have this number i multiply it by the number of sust 250 vials i already own fomr legend (11) and that is how i came up with my compensation.

    I felt that fair compensation would be in this case 28.4 vials 28 or 29. I think that this was a fair break down of what and why i was asking for it. I am not a reverse scamer i just want like all of you to get what i paid for.

    I originally used 4200 as my target number because i have seen some bloods from a guy named swole on eroids us sust 250 and hit that mark. It might have been over zealous but 3800 as as a target number is fair.

    Also i was banned by heavyiron for reasons that i dont know. When i went to check my pms i was banned with out reason for ever as seen in this screen shot [​IMG]

    Ne negged me i asked why and defended my self then he told me the test was fake i replyed saying i look like a fool cause of your negg and i am a good member. He did not reply but instead banned me. I have read the rules and as far as i can tell did not break them.

    I suggest anyone reading this take a screen shot of this post because it will most likely get deleted and i will be banned of this account also might even get the ip ban at this point. You guys can always find me on meso. Thanks for all the support i tried to make this a better place by holding sources accountable. and Joe you are a good rep thank you for doing your best to work with me.
  15. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    Day 78 (Day 9)
    Test prop 100mg eod (Legend)
    tren Ace 150eod (RC Labs)
    Msten 30mg ed (Celtic Labs)

    today i trained shoulders. I also missed a dose on my msten that i will make up. The pip is subsiding and its not bad in my right glute like i though it would be.

    I am a but upset after getting the ban hammer for posting ms tests on asf. I liked that board but meso is the only place for people like me. This is my home.


    standing Milatary press behind neck
    15x 95lb
    12x 115
    10x 125

    Seated over head db press
    10x 65lb (each hand)
    2x 8x 65
    attempted 70s but could not get them up

    Lat rise machine
    15x idr lb
    15x 90
    12x 100

    bosu ball rear delt cable pull
    3x 12x 12.5lb

    front raises
    3x 10x 50lb

    rotator cuff stuff
    2x 8x 5lb I had to quit the pumps in my shoulders were painful

    Cable tricep press
    2x idrx idr

    skull crushers
    2x 12x 80lb

    The pumps or burn in my sholders is killer. I was in pain the entire time. the phraze become comfortable with uncomfortable i now know what it means. I have been getting fine sleep with the tren.
  16. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    Day 79 (Day 10)
    Test prop 100mg eod (Legend)
    tren Ace 150eod (RC Labs)
    Msten 30mg ed (Celtic Labs)

    I pinned 1.5cc tren ace from rc labs and one ml test prop from legend. I shot my left glute it was a good injection till i pulled the pin out with 1/5th ml in the pin still so put that mother fucker back in my ass and finshed the shot. lol I have not been able to get the 2.5cc pins right. I did not train today but i did unload the truck overnight. it took me 6 hours to get finished. I am about to fall asleep its been 24 hours since i woke up.

    Today i want to train legs if my body feels up to it. Once i wake up that is. If not i will train chest or back. with some abs.

    I am still taking 50mcg t3 a night till i start my pct then i will come off it. I am also on mjr exemastane still. My nips have been sensitive all cycle. It actually bothers me. my e2 levels came back at 29 i do not have a base line for them. I think i might be estrogen sensitive.

    The truck was a work out for sure. I hope it fatigued my musles enough to cause growth i feel like i used my arms and back. I had to bring the taurine to work and took it over my shift to help with the back pumps from the msten.

    I took a clean weight 2 days ago and I weighed in at 192.2lbs! now that i am eating like a champ i am gaining big time! I want to hit 205 before the start of pct. I never in my life though i would hit a muscular 200 pounds at 5'8". the past week people have been commenting on my size. Its flattering, some just try to get me to admit to taking steroids. That is annoying, but its to be expected.
  17. demonxp

    demonxp Member

    Did you talk to Anton about your sustanon testing low?
  18. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    I will be very soon.
  19. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    This is to clear up some questions that people have over on asf about the ms reports i posted. Here are some screen shots of a conversation between Angus and myself.

    I hope that this will answer questions about the legitimacy of the mass spec reports. The tren e report is gtg, the var report is not accurate.

    If anyone wants to post this over at asf for me or link them back to this post to i would apperacaite it.

    post here Legend Anavar report and here
    Post here RC labs Tren e

    Thanks guys there are few things in life that suck worse then being falsely accussed of something and not be able to clear things up.
  20. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    Day 80 (Day 11)
    Test prop 100mg eod (Legend)
    tren Ace 150eod (RC Labs)
    Msten 30mg ed (Celtic Labs)

    Today was alright. I was tired from the over night truck shift. I got a solid workout in. Chest, biceps, and abs. I enjoyed it once i got the blood flowing i also hit some new numbers on more then one of my lifts.

    I did not have to shot today but man my ass is sore as hell from the past couple pins i am thinking about unloading in my delt tomorrow. We will see how i feel when i roll out of bed in the morrning.


    Incline bench press
    20x 135lb
    15x 185
    6x 225 New pr never attempted this much weight before

    Incline db press
    10x 75lb (each hand) New pr
    8x 75
    10x 75

    Decline cable press
    15x 52.5lb (each cable)
    12x 62.5
    10x 72.5

    Seated cable press w/straight bar
    15x idr the weight
    12x 62.5
    8x 72.5 this was hard


    Standing db curls
    2x 10x 35lb (each hand)

    Seated incline curls
    2x 10x 25lb

    Cable curls w/rope
    2x 8x 100lb new pr


    Abdominal crunch machine
    3 sets idr the weights but 12 or 15 reps each set

    reverse bosu ball crunch
    3x 15x body weight

    It was a good work out. I can feel it nice in my arms. I need to grow my chest so I have been working it twice a week. I will keep this up untill pct. I have not though of my plan to work out through pct. I think i will look towards a strenght routine to help convince my body that the newly added mass is nessarry to live lol.