Foundations of Mass (U.S. Raw Components)

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  1. Foundations of Mass

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    I'll do this:
    You pick one compound from my list; and I will open up the packages and take a picture with a MESO paper beside it.
  2. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    There was a guy here mid summer that supposedly had a large stock of raws. He didn’t succeed as a source here twice. Maybe third time is a charm?

    One of his names was Giant. That guy last logged in on July 26. Coincidentally the same date you submitted samples?

    @MisterSuperGod could this be your boy, rebranded?
  3. Sdryx

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    As usual, you shall be Meso’s crash test dummy!

    We wish you well!
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  4. mp46

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    Prices are slightly cheaper than some other domestic raw sources. He has testing so we know he at least sent in good compounds, but no way to know that’s what he’ll send out.

    It’s not in the paste bin, do you compensate testing and/or offer a credit for doing so?
  5. At work at the moment, but i'll check it out when i get home. If it is and he didn't use the Buff Sexington handle, i'm gonna be pissed!

  6. TRT@40

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    @Foundations of Mass , do you have any plans to carry primobolan enanthate raw powder? I would buy at least 20grams if pricing is competitive and you have your primo raw tested like your other raws.
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  7. bob357sig

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    I don’t yet homebrew but I always said if I was going to it would be with the compounds that are expensive, or are always underdosed by labs for profit, ex- EQ can easily be made at 300 mg/ml but most labs make it at 200 so you have to buy more. Same with Deca. Im interested in tren Hex, EQ, Deca, Npp, Primo, all of wich is not on your list. I hope you have plans to include these as I would rather just buy pharma for my test needs.
  8. bolder

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    Damn @Foundations of Mass leaving out the paper with Meso and the date makes you look foolish. Especially after saying you were a member here and read here for years! :rolleyes:

    Funny how most new sources seem to say that and then do dumb shit just like you did here... :oops:

    It’s gonna take some good fuckin stock pics with meso and the date to bounce back from this. o_O
    We need to see if you have enough stock to even get your shit off the ground!
    If it wasn’t for the tests reports and the funds that goes into doing that I’d be yelling scammer for sure!

    Now it’s up to you to prove it was just a dumbass mistake....
    Get those pics posted! o_O
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  9. MindlessWork

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    Seems we get more fakers trying to get past the vetting...
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  10. Mighty-mouse

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    I gave him an option and he said 200 packs to open is too much. Well to some people, spending 500 on raws is a lot.

    I’m not picking a compound that’s not me. It’s his fuck up he needs to rectify it.

    Hope no one gets fucked
  11. jJjburton

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    The reason why I hombrewed exactly. I wanted to run Mast E at a high dose and not spend hundreds. Next on the list is primo. Buying oil 20 weeks at 1000 mg is like 1.5-2 grand. While raws are just 300 for that amount.

    edit I am so glad I started home brewing saves a ton of money.

    edit 2- I also would be one for a good price on primo E
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  12. Past midnight here... No Meso paper.
    This seems awfully familiar. Guess we'll get that pic tomorrow before breakfast, right?
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  13. Foundations of Mass

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    Sorry for the delay. There was an important matter that had to be dealt with; and it took longer than expected. meso pic1.JPG meso pic2.JPG meso pic3.JPG meso pic4.JPG meso pic5.JPG meso pic6.JPG
  14. Foundations of Mass

    Foundations of Mass Junior Member

    There were kilograms of all the testosterones and sildenafil. Trenbolone A&E, masteron A&E, cialis, and Anavar were ordered 500g each.
  15. Foundations of Mass

    Foundations of Mass Junior Member

    I plan to carry a lot of things. Primo is one of them. It will take me a little while though.
  16. Atta boy, better a little late than making false promises, right. You're learning. ;)
  17. Masterofron

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  18. Foundations of Mass

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    I'm not sure what you mean.
  19. Foundations of Mass

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    I will check back in here tomorrow. I work tomorrow but I will find a way to log in. I'm really sorry that I forgot the MESO paper in my initial pics.
    I also just noticed that I didn't use the same balance in this picture as in my originals. They are both good scales; but this one only goes to 150g.
    I will take another picture of both of my scales and a MESO paper tomorrow night after work.
  20. BigBaldBeardGuy

    BigBaldBeardGuy Member Supporter

    And maybe put a little effort into taking the kids off the containers and opening a few packs.