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    If I’m not mistaken, meso only has @Millard Baker as a “mod”. You don’t necessarily needs moderators as much as you do members who give a fuck about their fellow members. A source goes to shit here and they get run off...quick.
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    Active and caring members here run off bad sources, not mods. That's the difference between the two sites. SST needs mods to ensure sources are doing the right thing.
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    From the above comments, even with having mods, sources are still getting by shafting members for their hard earned money with no repercussions. Shit sucks but luckily I chose meso over a couple of other shitty boards when I first got Into aas.
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    @Savagesteve Your entirely right, but both forums are set up differently. Meso members take care of the board, and vet new sources, hold them accountable, keep them accountable, etc. But SST is set up differently, and it’s set up with a mod team to handle all those things. Hence it needs active moderation to run smoothly, where as meso doesn't.
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    That, and the fact that any criticism of a source is quickly snuffed out by calls of "FUD!!!!!" from the mods.
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    Boards with mods always have the same issues over and over (or so it seems).
    From what I’ve seen and heard the mods are usually on the sources side first and then when it’s too late they then join the members to put out “warnings”.
    Mods usually have an agenda and it rarely helps anyone but themselves.
    I’m sure not all mods at each board is like this at first but when they get a taste of any benefit to them they change.
    I’m also sure there are some good mods out there somewhere. But sadly the bad ones outweighs the good ones to where they all get a bad wrap.

    Thats just the way it seems to me anyway.

    I’ve only been a member here at Meso although I’ve lurked at other boards and the difference I’ve seen to how Meso runs to the others isn’t comparable to me! o_O
  7. Okay, so
    1. Don't text and drive dick
    2. I found the bigger solution would be to create a regulated system in order to handle delinquent sources.
    3. Yeah, being a mod was the shitty end of the stick. Never gonna do that again.
    4. Having a bigger mod team would definitely help in regards to monitoring sources though, it was such a pain in the ass trying to handle a bunch of different sources at once as well as user behavior. Too much work, too little pay.
    5. Cheers y'all, I'm a free man
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    And for clarification, elaborate on this “pay”, because i do want to have this clarified for everyone, since I give a shot about sst and don’t want people thinking the worst of it by any means.
  9. FUCKING SHIT. I just wrote 5 more paragraphs and it logged me out.
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    I’m gonna disagree ONLY from my own experience, because I have over 600 posts. And atleast 400 of those posts are me calling people on there shit, calling sources on there shit, and calling out any other shit I see that’s dumb. Maybe I’m special or something but I don’t get censored unless I go overboard with the name calling hahaha
  11. Basically, it's harder than it sounds to determine who's really at fault, and it's usually NEVER 100% one party. Most customers are fucking idiots tbh, I can't tell you how many people do stupid shit like send the wrong address, send btc to the wrong place, PEOPLE WOULD SEND US ADDRESSES AND ORDERS TO THE MODMAIL AND TRY TO BUY FROM US.

    I have never once shut down a thread where a user provided valid reason/evidence for a complaint, obviously we can't let users say a source is a scammer if they have 0 proof because some people are just fucking autistic. But, if they have the bare minimum of evidence, it stays up.

    Also, my fucking agenda was to keep shit on the straight and narrow. Fucks sake man, you think I benefit from drama? its fucking annoying, All I wanted was to keep sources sourcin' and keep customers happy and safe. At least I never had any secret hidden agenda. (I guess you're right, my agenda was to help myself by helping the community keep their fuckin shit together)

    But, anyways, I am no longer a moderator over at SST so I cannot speak as to the current policies of the current staff.
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    "The specification shall be 98-102%". That is the only sentence from the explanation he gave me that I pasted into my notepad. No idea where my mind was that day.
    I guess that means it could be 100% pure and still read +/- 2%.
    I will try to get a better explanation and post it.
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    This is for @Masterofron

    Anywho... proof was brought against Sparta for their total incompetence and fuckstick mods banned me and @BigBaldBeardGuy, instead of looking further into the source. Those pieces of shit made .67 mg aromasin that was supposed to be either 12.5 mg or 25 mg. Cucktain America - what a fucking pansy ass bitch.
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    @Foundations of Mass we started shitting up your thread, sorry. let’s get it back on track with you. How’s it going..?

    Somebody ask him some questions, my brain hurts from too much internet so I’ve got nothing to contribute at the moment.
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    No worries.
    I figure if y'all are discussing something in my thread; maybe someone will stop by that hasn't seen it before.
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    The minimum is $50 until midnight tonight.

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  17. If it makes you feel better, I cussed him out pretty profusely in the days leading up to my De-modding.

    Also that I wanted to look into the whole Sparta thing but i'm sure you saw Captains stance on sources that scam on meso but not SST. Oh, and that it wasn't me who banned you, obviously. SST is officially Capt/Zax Ship now.

    Sherlock labs and Swole Guacamole both have one S, coincidence? Not to the mod team at SST. #SherlockamoleLabs
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    Since you kinda have the inside scoop on SST, who actually runs or owns it? Are sources protected in any way, shape, or form? Did you step down or did you get demoted as a mod?
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    Glad you stepped up to him. The “scam” wasn’t just a Meso thing, which in and of itself is stupid af. If a source can’t properly dose tabs they’re making, they need to go instead of being protected. Cucktain America and Bluesac are a couple of bitches.
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  20. I don't want to really identify who owns it, he's a good guy and I still have respect for him and i'm honestly not a very vengeful person, plus he was not involved in the decision to remove me. Like I said before, sources aren't protected. Obviously there is "bias" in the sense that a source whos been active and non-problematic for 10 years has a lot more weight to his word than a user who has 5 posts and joined a week ago, But I believe this is true across multiple boards. Obviously if some kid came along and said Titanium Gear scammed him for a 100$ order you would all say proof or shut the fuck up. Also, sources who are continually problematic are closer to the chopping block. if a long-time source who has never had issues suddenly has an issue, they get more slack than a source who can never seem to get their shit together.
    I don't feel like this constitutes "protection".

    I was basically told: You're being removed as a mod because
    1. You're Sherlock Labs
    2. An SST User messaged you, asked "You talked to Capt, right" in reference to me talking to capt about his statement about "A source scamming on meso but being A-ok on SST." I had no previous statement with the user meaning someone else disclosed the original statement, but because I said "Yup" I got into the shit.

    Obviously I did what I could to disprove both of these statements, I even went so far as to convince Sherlock labs to send a voice clip of him screaming to the mods to compare his voice to mine which was fucking hilarious (I will forever miss being able to fuck with sources) but they said it's obviously my voice and didn't believe me on #2, even though there was zero evidence to indicate it was me who disclosed the original statement about me talking to Capt and I had evidence that refuted it.

    As far as Sparta goes, I have seen what his source application contained and it would absolutely baffle me if someone of his caliber is making mistakes in geometric dillution, However, I don't have to worry about it anymore because I can't do shit.

    Anyways. back to work