Foundations of Mass (U.S. Raw Components)

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    Lol, 5 tabs sampled don’t lie. He proved in his thread here that he was inept at making caps, let alone tabs.
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    Thanks for the detailed reply. I can't believe captain America doesn't believe you about the sherlock labs situation. You've been a long time member and a frickin moderator! The other mod, enhanced grappler, never shows up on the site.

    My opinion is they aren't moderating the site enough, which can be just as bad as over moderating. And yeah, I think mods should have at least looked into the sparta asin situation after the test was reported.
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  3. Hey man, I appreciate this as well. I've pretty active on SST and the whole Sparta thing kind of got me to thinking about some things but this made me feel a lot better.

    I do like to think of the whole steroid "scene" as more of a larger community rather than a board vs board thing. I think it's important to spread information around and educate everyone because I think the last thing anyone wants is for someone to get hurt or ripped off. I do appreciate the guys coming over to SST and spreading the Olympia Labs/Sparta information and it's what sparked my interest in Meso.

    I have a few "go to" sources on SST that I use frequently, I've never used Sparta's gear. A buddy of mine got some Anadrol from them and ran 100mg a week of it and felt fuck all, so he tossed it. Same with the Deca he got from them. This was before Fusion was brewing for them, mind you. He wouldn't post on the forums simply because he's lazy as fuck and didn't want to start shit which is a shit mentality to have and I told him as such.
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    I think it's just inaccuracies, like scales have +/-.001
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    What the overage means is that the standard that is on file is a certain percentage and the sample sent in that tested over 100% means it was a higher purity than the standard they have.
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    There is honestly no way for me to tell at this point.
    To be completely truthful, I didn't think my sales would be so slow. I made sure to test what I have and price it a little lower while still being profitable; but there has been little interest.
    Unless things take a sharp turn, primo and other more expensive things will be pretty far down the road.
    I got the notification of your tag in the other thread but I didn't want to post there. Just didn't want you to think I was ignoring a question. I am willing to answer any questions you guys have.
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    Did I miss the wife's tits??? LOL
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    No problem. The traffic in my thread can't hurt, in my opinion.
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    There aren't any.
    I could probably find you some from my ex-wife though. They were very nice for the money I spent on them. But she is the worst person that ever lived so you would probably suffer in all areas of your life if you ever gazed upon her. I know I have.
    She's like Hitler, but much worse, and with nice fake boobs.
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    Meh. Hitler or not, tits are tits. Let’s see em!
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    Relax, no source gets bombarded with orders right away. Hell, I’ve only seen a few TA’ posts from the other new source here, who seems to be very well liked already.

    Give it some time m8
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    Lol, that was my bad - not even sure how the hell that happened. Sadly, things will be slow until the word gets out that you’re reliable.
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    I’d like to see more scrutiny of those raw photos you posted on 8/28. I’ve never in my life see writing stay in a straight line on wrinkled paper. I suggest you try again. Write it on the paper/crumple the shit out of it and unfold.

    I’m calling BS on those dates. Looks photoshopped over the photo. Prove me wrong, but that looks off. Doesn’t. Mean you don’t gave the packs just checking your credibility.
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    Give it time. Do the dance. If your legit it will pay off big here. I for one hope to god you’re legit
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    Effin A right bro!! The second my eyes lock on those tits, I’ve already forgot about that goofy little mustache too! Outta sight, Outta mind...
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    LMAO, ex's are always welcomed in our house lol.....
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    I pulled the trigger with this guy... just a small order of 10g of Mast prop. I figured I would take one for the team here and see if this guy is anything at all. I paid yesterday and haven’t heard much from him after sending a few emails... I’ll update if/when I receive something
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