Foundations of Mass (U.S. Raw Components)

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  1. They're all 500 mg.
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    It depends on the temperature
  3. As well as which hemisphere you live in. Depending on where you're located, the tilt of the Earth and the resulting gravitational pull can cause most raws (not EQ or adex) to seperate, pulling some of the constituents from the top of the raws to the bottom.

    But for most people, still 500 mg.
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    If you can figure out this little word problem you can figure out the potency of the raws:

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    You might get want to head over to the home brew section and do some reading. If your not sure on that aspect, you're going to want to read up on filtration and sterilization. Along with weights, measures and how to calculate
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    You must be absolutely retarded.

    1g raw = 1000mg
    10g raw = 10,000mg

    Mix 1g raw with roughly 10ml oil/solvent and you have 100mg per ML.
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    Wait a minute.. SHES NOT BAKING AT ALL!?
  8. Thats what I was looking for. Thanks. I am New to even thinking of brewing for myself.

    so 2.5 grams of Test C for 250mg per 10ml right?

    Cool now I can home brew. I'm gonna mix some up tonight in my bathtub and shoot in in my ass. I'll post bloods soon
  9. I would be careful with doing any kind of melt-tests, I know the first thing we learned in high school chemistry about melt-tests is that if you have anything less than a perfectly pure product you are not going to get a reading that is congruent with the expected melting point.

    Also, you need a thermometer specifically designed for measuring chemical temps, not biological temps.

    You also need a melting point device if you want to get a reading that close to what the USP has listed for the specific chemical (and it's acceptable variance).


    If you don't have this:

    and this:

    You may not get a good reading.
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    Definitely not that simple, you have to account for the volume the raw powder displaces, ratios of solvents, etc. but I’m thinking you probably know all of this already, and I’ve been ninja trolled. Lol
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  11. Sorry Bro!....Bored at work! gotta pass the time.
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    Im fukn rollin here. I thought He was joking but guess not. Maybe he should stay away from steroids @Stinkfinger1112
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    Lmao. Ya got me too. Good one
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  14. OK guys on a serious note though is there a test for arsenic and or lead? Something we all could do at home instead of sending out to a lab?
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    That’s a good question that’s been debated.

    Someone brought it up in a thread last summer.

    If I remember correctly, AnabolicLab used to test for metals but then stopped doing it because they never detected any in the samples they ran.
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    I'm fairly sure it was me who said that. Or maybe both me and AL?

    I stopped testing for heavy metals regularly because of the very same reason before AL came into existence.
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    Yes. You’re right Jano. Sorry about that, I remember the thread I just forgot that you had given the same feedback too.

    The presence of metals in our steroids seems to have been overblown.
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  20. Lel I think he just did that for size comparison. That being said, boy needs some better fitting Jeans.

    and a fitted sheet on his bed, what are you, a fucking monster?
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