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  1. Sounds like ol' Tiny Red. Never around much, dropping the ball before it gets rolling.

    This mother fucker is his own worst enemy.
    i wonder if he's related to Pristine? The two of them know how to fuck up a good thing like it's their job.
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  3. I think your 100% right! This guy was tiny/red.
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  4. i think so. Some of the wording in the intro had me thinking it from day one, but i figured i'd give him a chance to redeem himself and as usual, his gung-ho attitude towards this venture fizzled out pretty quickly.

    This is probably the one time that it's a good thing though. With Mister hacker man running around and threatening sources, it's probably best if this source squares up with everyone and rides out the storm in silence.
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    I revived my pack, all the order is accounted for and weighed. He included some things that are a nice thought but I don’t homebrew so it’s pretty much a waste. The tracking on my pack in ID still hasn’t updated so I am unsure what voodoo is going on.


    took 20mg cialis raws last night and didn’t really feel much compared to Indian pharma stuff. I did notice some more congestion but no flushing or headaches like i get from the Indian stuff. Could be a lack of filler and need to try it a few more times for a definitive bone report
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    I find it absolutely incredible that I emailed my most recent customer to square up with him; literally 3 minutes before this post. In that email I told him that your claim of an unsent or delayed package was incorrect because i tracked them all; and all had been delivered YESTERDAY.
    I'll never know who you are because I deleted all the delivered customer emails. But DO NOT EVER try to order from me again. Your post history outside of mine is only in threads with tremendous drama and suspected scamming; so until concrete evidence proves me wrong, you are part of the problem of late in this forum.
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    This is my last day on MESO. I have much much more important shit to do than to expose my life to the toxic and rampant bullshit that exists here.
    Never once did I do anything inappropriate to any person in this forum; and my business has been conducted with accuracy and integrity.

    Complaints about my silence and absence???
    Yeah right. Anyone who sells and has any sense would avoid logging in here lately. If you can't respect that......I could care less.

    I will be in business; but it will not be here and I will be taking a break for a little while to collect my thoughts about all of the total bullshit that has been happening here lately.

    Email will remain the same; but I will not reply to anyone for a few weeks after I settle up with this one last customer who I emailed today.

    I appreciate the legitimate customers who ordered.

    Also, I don't know who tinyred is; so whatever.

    This forum needs to be purged. I'm out.
  8. ???

    What are you talking about? I just looked at his post history and didn't gather any of that. Furthermore, if it's the same Propionate from SST, no one has ever had a problem with him and I've never seen him post anything that one would equate with drama.
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    I am thinking that he is referring to the fact that the only posts this particular member has made head been in threads that have subsequently gone to hell. Symbiotics, Sparta, Sherlock Labs... common denominator is they are all fucked up.
    And the he is from SST.. stop saying that. This isn't SST and I personally give zero fucks what other jacked up board someone is from.
    I mean, for fucksakes, Sparta was a trusted source on SST.
  10. Ah alright, I see what you're saying.
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  11. Pretty sweet meltdown.
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    Bizarre stuff has been going on for a while. It surprises me more sources haven't bounced out.
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  14. Am i losing it or did @Sdryx and i just get censored?
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    He may have deleted his post?
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  16. Didn't think that would delete my message too, but i guess since i quoted him...
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    Hmm, no, doesn’t work that way
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    Looks like he scrubbed his thread. My comment is gone too lol
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  19. Odd, because he doesn't possess the ability to delete any of his posts after the time limit expires and cannot delete mine or anyone elses.
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    Glitch in the matrix I suppose then
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