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Foundations of Mass (U.S. Raw Components)

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Foundations of Mass, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. BigBaldBeardGuy

    BigBaldBeardGuy Member Supporter

    Hey now, there’s a great idea!

    If only there was a source that would put out a “kit” with everything you needed to brew....
  2. balco

    balco Member

    It says medlabgear on one of the bottles; I am assuming he didn't send it with he gear.
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  3. BigBaldBeardGuy

    BigBaldBeardGuy Member Supporter

    Hey @balco! What’s up buddy? Thanks for clarifying. Good to see you again. Say hi to mom for me.
  4. Cityofgrit

    Cityofgrit Member Supporter

    Great idea...and it could be called...I don't know...wait I got it! It could be called the Brew Kit!!!!
  5. balco

    balco Member

    I will definitely tell her you said hi
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  6. Masterofron

    Masterofron Member Supporter

    Balco shut the fuck up.

  7. Joedaddy5150

    Joedaddy5150 Member Supporter

    Lol no got an order from medlabsupply in the mail same time
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  8. TestiCult

    TestiCult Member

    He threw in the prop, or did you buy. Are you going to get any of it tested, or just going off feels this time.

    Cool pic, yer pants are saggin hella gangsta doe.
  9. Joedaddy5150

    Joedaddy5150 Member Supporter

    I bought 20 grams of TPP. Going to go off feels for the viagra for sure.
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  11. I'm just sitting here trying to find this fucking fitted sheet in the picture. All I see is a pillowtop mattress and some jeans too long that cover his little feets.
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  12. iamnightowl

    iamnightowl Member

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  13. His jeans ate it my dude.
  14. Joedaddy5150

    Joedaddy5150 Member Supporter

    @Swole Guacamole fitted sheet was in the washer machine when I took the pic. Blue Jeans are baggy cause tight Jeans are for girls and fags. And I am a monster! Lol
  15. Did this source ever specify if you had to purchase the amount listed or could you order let’s say 17 grams?
  16. Okay dad, I'll leave your blue jeans out of it.

    He prepackages them I believe he said. everything seems to come in 10 gram, 20 gram or 50 gram pre-packaged containers
  17. Alright boys, time to get FOM the old bumperoo. Please keep in mind that i'm a pretty positive person which influences how I talk but here we go:

    1. Loved the packaging. good Opsec on everything box/packaging related.
    2. Each bag was about 2 grams above what I had purchased. I hope he keeps this up, it was nice.
    3. Good T/A. I know this doesn't matter much because hes still new so hed better have good TA but there it is. got "package is sent" confirmation too

    1. Didnt include free 10000 grams of methyl tren.

    Summary: No problems whatsoever, I hope that he continues to uphold this standard of business. I can't speak for the actual quality of the raws because I have not had them officially tested but I've pinned them, smelled them, licked them, fallen asleep cuddling them. You get the picture, as far as I can tell, they are authentic and look like every single other raw i've purchased from different vendors
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  18. Masterofron

    Masterofron Member Supporter

    So then with you being Sherlock labs, you must be drop shipping from this source? Lel
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  20. Propion8

    Propion8 Junior Member

    Placed small order, was told it would ship out on Monday. It is Thursday and the label on ID is still just created and not dropped. I don’t mind waiting 7-10 days for packs but I do mind the being told it would drop soon and waiting for what will now be at least a week ta