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    New member here. I got some of this guys test-e. Guess we will see how it goes. I might get labs, but thats a few weeks away. Wish I had known about meso before.
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    Do new members even read threads ? :rolleyes:
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  3. Nope reading requires too much effort. Get swole bro, never mind what you may or may not be actually putting into your body. That crsico oil does wonders thou
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    Not really. Its way more exiting to find out you've been injecting vegtable oil for six weeks than it is to read through pages and pages of forums.
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    But the last line in his comment makes it seem as he got his gear from another board then found meso.
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    What did I miss,
    I was stuck on broad street ? o_O
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    ding ding ding we have a winner
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    But hey somebody has to make bad decisions.
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    Doesnt have to be bad. If it is crisco..inject it into your asshole. Put an ad on craigslist..advertising your asshole filled with crisco oil. For sale. Make some loot. Then fall into a deep depression realizing what youve done & become. Never tell a soul. Pay off some bills, get your life back together, your shit together. Sell the car you bought with the money, everytime you look at it your reminded of what you became and how you got it. You made a mistake you have to live with forever. Money isnt everything.
    Find a nice girl, settle down, never tell her, forget your past, its your future that matters.

    All you had to do was a little research. Now look at you.
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  12. DoubleTango

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    what an active little imagination you have
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    Clearly something God did not bless you with...and any rational decision making skills. On a serious note hang out, read read and read some more. If you gotta question fire away.Many solid members here to help. GL and welcome to Meso.
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    ya you meso guys really know how to make some one feel welcome.
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    Gear Hero just an hero yourself
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  17. MindlessWork

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    In other words, kill himself
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    I will do bro thanks .
  19. Gear Heros

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    Hey fellas!

    I got a few emails asking if we were still alive and kicking after the latest assfuckery that happened in the industry. We're definitely still here, and unaffected. We have in light of recent events decided to make a change in our procedures to both keep our asses out of jail, but to protect our clients as well. Effective Sunday evening at 11:59pm I will be removing the WU and MG payment methods from use. We will be going to just bitcoin. There may be a MG option for larger orders on a case by case basis, but as of right now we are going to try this out. Bitcoin is safe, and readily available. In the past few months I've seen about 70% of our business as bitcoin, at this point I feel safety is very important for both us and you.

    I realize bitcoin is not 100% secure.. but the way I tumble them, move them around, and the time lapses between these steps before I ultimately sell them to a private broker ensures that nobodies coins that they send to me end up being the same coins I sell to my Buyer. If you want to tumble them first before sending, even better, but not necessary.

    Anyways, I certainly hope everybody here is safe ( my competition included ) and we look forward to continuing to be a part of this community.

    Also.. I thought I posted the Tbol lab max here but accidentally I only put it on Reddit so here it is.!QF7dMwS5RYngoEDAfQP0QUNgdh79hAYrAC5gPzBk!tu6MQwvQ4NVAQgftswG-Yp4AMNgmJAk8Aq5wxYsC!i_3Q6Q2RQBCwPgmV3gywvZxA1EuR1AsyvfAg5Gzr!yp4shwpSwXpAh0wRzgdS53CQxKyB9QkKN_Kwap8H!1Pecegv0XH6A2zK7QQONuz_AJ56m7gc3812AQ6UX!3PKliQPZeG1QWyzc6wXcKwhw1LNdvwh6txvgsFBB!7-lUrwujVJeAxEBWcAwrCSEQ68-RkASdDVCQvioY

    and as you can see in the results, vial a is a green/brown, vial b is a salmon color, and also, vial b is non reactive in uv light. All this points to it being what I knew it was all along, TBOL. So there you have it

    Gearhero at countermail dot com

    Gear-heros dot com

    Gear heros

    Stay safe my friends
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    Go ahead and order from this idiot, looks like he's almost got labmax figured out
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