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    Yeah and also where the fuck are the tit and butthole pics with meso on them? These are the important questions....
  2. @BigBaldBeardGuy I will still be here multiple times a day my friend. I'm not going anywhere. I just wanted to point out that it maybe a but less than a constant presence. I also will still be answering any and all questions or concerns from members.

    I have still been receptive of any and all advice given. I do appreciate it. My point in mentioning the volume in sales is not to say I'll be any less receptive. I simply intend to convey my own surprise. I figured it would be a few weeks at least before I was this busy. That is a good sign though.

    No pictures will be provided of tits or butts unfortunately. I'm a single guy and unless you guys wanna see my nipples, I don't have any available to photograph lol. I've noticed nit picking of the intro pictures is always a thing and it looks like I'm no exception. Their purpose is to give a customer and additional bit of information. Do you have product, means to sterilize, and are you just a scammer? I feel I adequately took care of answering those questions. Unfortunately aside from new stock photos of new products and batches. Lab and location oriented photos will not be shared. My apologies.
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    Thinking it's a big dub?
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    Didn’t you say your brother-in-law is assisting you in this ‘operation’? Have him post of pics of his wife’s tits and ass. Or you can probably just ask your sister yourself.
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  5. We've officially been denied any lab or filtration pictures. Time to pack it up guys.

    Let's find another source to vet..

    This one has already made its swirl down the toilet bowl.
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    I really hope you understand the gravity of that statement. Anyone who is dumb enough to pin a substance with zero testing, zero evidence of filtration or even the remote hint of a real lab defies all logic.

    Good luck, go get that hole in the foot you just shot patched up.
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    Order date 12-5. Label created and no further movement. The 1-3 TA has officially been lapsed. Typically not a big deal for me unless and until a new source who makes such claims has something to prove, which you do.

    @gemstonepharma, this is meso my man. You wanna play on this field, claims like this must be upheld. Vetting is more serious from some of us who give a shit about our fellow man as it should be.

    I would strongly suggest all meso members hold on any further ordering until pack is received and gear pinned with at minimum anecdotal reviews, bloodwork preferred or official testing is completed and reported OPENLY.

    If a pack is received, a fill and floater inspection will be completed with photos. Among other inspections. If a pack is not received, I take the loss in which I was prepared too, and the Gemstonepharma name dies here.

    I say again, hold all orders until packs are reported as received. I need to see real members holding said toys for Christmas in order for me to remotely believe you are more than just a guy making claims without the backbone to meet them.

    Now with all that said, I have a bitch of a cold and am going to lay my ass back down.
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    Informed delivery shows I should be receiving mine in the correct time frame. @Nononsense maybe try reaching out to the source. I know he mentioned leaving a few packs at a location that won’t pick up till Monday.
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    I'm in the same boat as Nononsense, I placed an order on 12-5, and the tracking just says shipping is created.
  10. As I mentioned a few pages back, if you ordered on Thursday, a few of those packages were accidentally put in a blue bin thats placard states no pickup Friday-Sunday. This was an oversight on my part but hopefully understandable considering it was my first day open. I will be dropping them on a route that picks up every day except Sunday from here on out. I still have faith those packs will make the 3-5 day time frame mentioned in my intro or at least very close too it.
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    @Nononsense , @earthproTREN , and anyone else that has ordered recently...

    Imo you guys haven’t given enough time to complain about TA.
    Not even counting Saturday and Sunday’s I think anything under 6-7 days for domestic is an appropriate time frame.
    If you haven’t received anything by then I could see the problem and complaints understandable.

    This is just my opinion, surely everyone knows I’d never stick up for a source over any members here. Especially this mother fucker lol. ;)
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    You mean Omega’s intro, right, the one you stole/copied?
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    @Gemstone Pharma


    Do you have an actual Autoclave or just using an oven? If so It’s just exchanging air from the chamber with fresh air and contaminating everything anyway.

    Please elaborate.

    Picture of your Seripettor Dispensing Tool?

    Can you walk us thru your process of Liquid Orals, do utilize a geometric dilution method? How do you ensure they have been properly homogenized? Do you use a High Shear Mixer? Is this a pharmacy grade suspension vehicle your using for it?

    How many liters do you process before you change your filters?

    Do you simply change the filters or dissemble the entire filter assembly, cleaned, dried and then autoclaved or in your case your oven?

    If your start to carry Caps for your orals what are your plans for the capping process?
    Would you use a basic Manuel Capping Machine? Stone Polisher?
    Or Would you utilize a V-Type Shear Powder Blender, V-Mixer?

    Have you made your donation to AL yet to show that your not here just wasting anyone’s time

    Since you can’t provide pictures of your entire lab setup can you at least provide pictures of the different types of equipments your utilizing? pictures of stock is always great but we need pictures of at least the equipment your using, don’t just reply to this with one picture of like your crimper or something useless to us.
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    This isn’t by any means a complaint. If it were a complaint, it would clearly state it.

    TA times are very specific in the intro my man. If I make a claim, I’ll stick to it. I expect others to be held to the same expectations as I do myself.

    So, please read the intro again, and do it with TA times in mind.

    As for customer service. The guy handed out some scoobie snacks to the guys who needed helped, and reduced costs by either sending additional packs or refunding XXX as a result of price reduction. This is a good step in the right direction, but means little at this stage of vetting. A G2G will be given when I see repeated high numbers and A+ customer service on more occasions than a single event.
  15. Not ignoring you @Noah86 I have so much going on I just havent had time for the in depth response your post deserves. I will post later in detail answering all questions.

    Also I'd be more than happy to snap pics of equipment just no active drug production.
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    What’s the difference between posting photos of your “drug production” versus SELLING them publicly here?
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  17. Drug manufacturing and possession with intent to distribute are very different charges with very different penalties.

  18. In the feds it's all the same..

    Made a kilo of steroids? Same penalties as distribution. It's all linked together.
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    And you know this how?
    now this how?