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Does Geneza Pharmaceuticals carry clean, uncontaminated AAS.

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  1. naps

    naps Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    It was a major shipping delay in 2011 I think. I wrote about it in many posts. There were 5k packages held by the State Customs Service of Ukraine. We reshipped from another location and then in a few months fixed the issue with packages held in Ukraine, shipped and delivered them as well. So 5k customers got double of what they ordered. Yes it took us 4-5 months to fix the issue back then but I did not run away and accepted the loss.

    It's amazing but only a dozen of customers reported back about receiving double of what they ordered ))

    A lot of unfriendly members are still accusing us of not delivering the orders. Not sure why. There could be different reasons behind them doing this because we delivered them all.

    But here is the interesting part, I've offered and I'm still offering $10k to those who can prove that at least 1 out of 5k orders has not been delivered or we did not take care of the undelivered item issue.

    Nobody contacted me about the issue with detailed information ever.

    Imagine what would meso hyenas do to me if there was at least 1% truth in those reviews about undelivered products

  2. zoot494

    zoot494 Member

    Literally burst out in laughter. Got a couple awkward stares just now.
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  3. Kubrick

    Kubrick Member

    I have to agree with Naps about the shipping issue. It was out of their control and they went out of their way to make things right. That was 4 years ago. My experience with Naps has always been good and my blood tests are even better. Geneza Test C bloods came back around 3500 and so did the Test P. I am not doubting that some may have received bunk gear from time to time but I know that Naps takes care of issues. Call me a schill if you want but I'm just giving credit where credit is due. Based on my personal experience, Naps is better than any other UGL that have come through here. He's been around for a long time and admits that there has been hiccups. Nowadays it's so easy to come up with a new business name and start over but naps hasn't done that. Use at your own discretion. There are positive and negative reviews out there. I can only judge by my personal experience that has been nothing but positive.
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  4. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    Hey @naps while you're here, can you do us a favor and please ask your 1 post customers to stop spamming Meso with their "review" for the 20% off discount program you offer? Really adds to the bad look you seem to have here as of late.
  5. Ozzy619

    Ozzy619 Member

    I fucking hate those reviews too, if anything it ruins naps credibility and makes them look bad. Its like a bad infomercial.
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  6. bigpoppachump

    bigpoppachump Member

    Naps you may have noticed I stopped giving you a ton of shit because you have stick it out and stay in business. I just wish you guys would adress the hit or miss nature of some of the products you sell. I don't think you selectively scam on purpose but there is more than enough evidence to support the up and down quality on a lot of products you offer.
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  7. naps

    naps Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    I know and for this reason we never approve reviews coming from this board. Still people post their reviews first then submit the links to our website for approval. I will think what I can do here. I did not want to give our customers the list of recommended and forbidden websites. May be I will restrict it to only forbidden.
  8. Ozzy619

    Ozzy619 Member

    Reviews are actually good, we just dont want reviews for discounts. I have no problem paying full price for quality gear. Ive used gp tbol and really liked it, what I didnt like was the turn around. I gave an honest review and didnt expect anything in return. I gave the pros and the cons.
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  9. viking23

    viking23 Member

    I ran the tbol and thought it was on point! But my lifting partner went with dbol and he was not thrilled at all with it. Have some adex I plan to use soon so I'll review that as well when the time comes.
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  10. Gramps

    Gramps Member

    A few sites I've seen will ban you if your first post is a review. How about offering your discount to folks with higher post counts or such? You have to admit ANY 1 post wonder makes you look questionable.
  11. Kubrick

    Kubrick Member

    The problem with this is that people will start spamming the board to get their post count up. It's crazy what people will do to save a buck.
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  12. kaizoku

    kaizoku Member

    Just wanted to chime in here to say that my post in the Naps thread wih my bloods wasn't shilling...been lurking, reading as much as I can, and trying not to post a bunch because who cares about a post count.

    Just finally decided to post bloods and happened to use GP test.
    Granted, I didn't order the right bloodwork so my actual totals didn't get posted.

    Not everyone who posts about using their stuff is a shill.
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  13. TheNixaAnimal

    TheNixaAnimal Junior Member

    Hey mates, I am new to this forum and just wanted to chime in with my own personal experience! I and currently 29 years old 251lbs, 6ft 4 in on TRT for secondary hypogonadism de to extreme weight loss and substance abuse for nearly 6 years. I went from 340 plus lbs to 180 in almost 2 years becaue of drugs. I got clean, started working out and have been doing so consecutively for 6 years. 3 years ago I became very depressed, no libido etc and my PCP ran a blood test. my test showed less than 80!!!! I was sent to and Endo doc and they tried hcg to kickstart my natural oroduction and this didnt work so they put me on androgel at 4 pumps a day. Ive wiggled and debunked my tests enough to get up to 4 pumps a dy which keeps my levels around 800 which is fucking fantstic for me. I decided I wanted to run a cycle and went through a buddy, gear sucked so i started doing research. I cam eupon Genza through a source and im not gonna toot any horn because im not affiliated with anyone...just a regular guy who loves to lift and wants to acheive certain physique. Anyways i ordered Test E 250, Deca 200, and D bol in a 12 week cycle. I started the cycle at 235lb and in half way through, so 6 weeks in and im up 21lbs. I havent even had bloods done because my agression, sex drive, stamina, and mood are all ON POINT. So this is just my experience........Untill proven otherwise Im saying gear is G2G, but thats my opinion.
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  14. Voltrader

    Voltrader Member

    Appreciate a the review if one gives a review with nothing empirical this is how you do it. How much Testy are you running a week?
  15. Fckit

    Fckit Member

  16. Mr. Deltoid

    Mr. Deltoid Member

    I only ordered gp oil once , last July to add to some legit Watson test I had. I had 2bottles of Watson and I ordered 2bottles gp to have enough to run a good test only cycle as I hadn't ran gear in 2years so I figured I'd start with a small cycle. First I ran the Watson 2.5 ml per wk by third week it was coming on strong strength , libido ,aggression ,recovery time obviously good test. After the 4th week I switched to gp and upped the dose because I figured it might be underdosed as gp is ugl so 2.5ml a wk which is 625 mg as opposed to Watsons 500 mg. Anyways by the Third week all test sides were gone. No aggression in the gym strength dropped even stopped having vivid sex dreams and morning wood. When that bottle was out and I returned to Watson guess what by week 2all sides back libido, strength , aggression you name it. The moral of this story is gp is not g2g in my experience they may have good gear sometimes but definitely hit or miss.
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  17. Voltrader

    Voltrader Member

    You are such a skeptic:).
  18. Fckit

    Fckit Member

    Lol just a realest Vol. First post... Well written "story".... Always include the "not affiliated" line... No bloodwork or testing because "sides are outrageous", source is G2G.... Who writes this shit on their very first post? I'll tell you what, this guy sticks around and actually becomes a contributing member, you'll get your very own "Voltrader written on my girls tits/ass" Avi

    EDIT: Oh... And I'll admit I'm an asshole lol
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  19. Voltrader

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    Lol Damn it I want one of those. I think my chances are slim though.
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  20. Fckit

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    Haha yep. Just coming to drop a glorious review? How generous. He's got too many boards to spam right now. Copy paste copy paste copy paste
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