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Does Geneza Pharmaceuticals carry clean, uncontaminated AAS.

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  1. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    Hey holmes, naps doesn't accept reviews on Meso for the 20% off deal.. Get with the program..
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  2. XNooBX

    XNooBX Member

    Wow at least you showed some self control, and posted today instead of yesterday when you signed up! Thanks for the review shill!
  3. I bet you did.

    Thanks for the life story. That's a big weight drop. Are you an AIDS victim, by any chance? I mean, your past drug abuse would suggest that is quite likely. Please advise.

    3 minutes ago I became very depressed... when I read your post!

    You "wiggled and debunked [your] tests enough to get up to 4 pumps," huh? Admitting that you're dishonest in a shill post is a little different from what we're used to seeing here. Most of our shills are as honest as the day is long. They never lie.

    That research wouldn't have anything to do with member rewards programs, would it? Something about 20% off your next order?

    I know you're not affiliated - Naps' affiliates are much less obvious than you. You're just sucking up to Naps to get your 20% discount.

    WOW, that's amazing, dude. If you gain another 21lbs in the next 6 weeks, you'll have gained 42lbs - just like that other clown in the Canadian lab thread. That stuff must be better than pharm grade... wait a minute... it is better than pharm grade! Naps said it tested better than 106% pure. Pfizer's got nothing on those ugl Chinese powder suppliers. Now if the Chinese could just learn how to make dog food that won't kill the dog...

    No bloods needed, you say? All these losers that are paying for mass specs could learn a thing or two from you. Please tell us how you do it! Inquiring minds want to know.

    My experience tells me you're an impoverished dick rider that will do anything for a price cut. Until proven otherwise, I'm saying you're a shill, but that's not my opinion - that's a fact!

    Thanks for stopping by. Now fuck off!

    But do have a real nice day.
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  4. bigpoppachump

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    I was gonna comment on the 21lbs in six weeks portion of his post but you beat me to it damnit!
  5. viking23

    viking23 Member

    Shill= Roasted
  6. Sebastian Valmont

    Sebastian Valmont Junior Member

    I am new to HRT and have limited experience, thus limited value to offer those seeking advice. However, I do have experience with GP products I purchased in TJ Mexico and GP products I purchased from Mr. Naps.

    The product from Mr. Naps was fake. They were vitamins, just not the vitamins on the label. The bottles I received in TJ were each sealed in a box with a hologram sticker, there was also a hologram sticker on the bottle with the lot number and expiration date on it. The bottles from Mr. Naps came with no box and no holograms.

    The var I received from TJ came in a resealable pouch with a hologram. Naps came in a pouch that could not be resealed and again, no hologram.

    the labels look close to the same, but there were obvious differences when examined closely.

    That was my experience, thought I would share. Purchased from 2 other sources and once received, I will share my experience too (in the brands respective thread).

    Don’t trust anyone you don’t know and test your shit.
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  7. Ryan owen

    Ryan owen Member

    Since when did they test for juice on probation???
  8. muscletrain

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    Did this thread just get necro'd from2015?!
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