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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by goldline, Aug 19, 2018.

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    Like, in a row? lol... sry.
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    I used to known that same bitch, glad I kicked her ass to the curb 8 years ago. Her and I danced for quite a long time before I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.
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    Everyones different, and i probably took a few more than you did.
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    Oh shit fellas - we gave up a goldmine here in Goldline! He’s at BoP now getting his dick sucked by them over there.
  5. The refuge of the damned aka BoP. Fucker thought he could post a list here, then lean back and watch the money roll in. Guess it didn't work out the way he wanted it to.
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    Lol the phrase of 1,000 addicts
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    Honestly I really don’t see why these so called sources don’t start out at a source board. I mean I know they gotta pay to play but seems easier to go this route.

    But also seems like the vetting here as of late has been so easy on these new labs. This keeps up, new sources are gonna flood in here along with scammers. Just too easy not to as of late, imo. We’re leaving the door wide open!!
    I mean shit, I’ve seen members going after fellow members harder than going at new sources lately.
    Maybe this is the new way of vetting. Welcoming sources in with open arms, soft and gentle like. :rolleyes:
    Or maybe we should start acting like a dick on cialis/viagra, and harden tf up!:cool:

    Kinda turned into a rant there...:D
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    It’s far cheaper to come here than go to a source board. It’s free here and even a donation to AL is cheaper than banner space at the other boards. Sure, they may have to endure some abuse here, but at the end of the day, Meso is free.

    We do need to tighten up our vetting, although to be honest, who lately has gotten through? Pristine and TGI and at that, it doesn’t appear to be a ton of volume. Signature and Goldline were shit down as well as the few that came in which were proven frauds.
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    I agree with your points about the difference in the price tag to source here or a source board.
    Meso used to be more hardcore, especially the underground.
    The two sources that’s gotten by easily lately are TSI and pristine. These labs wouldn’t have lasted two days with the old style ruthless vetting. Imo. Ffs tgi came in without hardly any stock, very unprepared, and now is taking recommendations lol.
    I think vetting serves more purpose then just the source that’s being vetted. It serves as a guideline to all others that want to attempt to source here. If we’re not vetting consistently and productivity I would think it leaves it more opened to scammers.
    I’m probably putting too much thought into it, but I would have thought after the RandR scam and the resent ppl bust members would’ve went harder on these new start ups. But instead it’s like, omg you can brew gear, well in that case I’ll have the #12 smothered in DHB with a side of DHB lol.
    As of late hghpro is the only scam I’ve seen. He seemed promising there for a bit. As did RandR, but look how they turned out.
    Theres no right or wrong way it seems. Just think if we go lightly on these labs it’ll be easier for them to set up their exit scam and new and old scammers have an easier way in.

    (I mean no disrespect to TSI or Pristine just current examples used in discussion).
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    You’re right bro. People see these sources offering what they request and jump all over it. I don’t think there is anything that can be done because people will do whatever they want when it comes to sources. Eventually, some just die out when people realize they’re a scam. It’s alwas a gamble in this field. The reason why I’m not bashing TGI is because I went back and re-read the 24k thread and he started out the same way and he turned into exactly what his name represented (I’m only guessing at this point) - 24k gold. People still sing his praises to this day.

    On the other hand, a lot of “vetting” was just some drug addict coming here to abuse people because his life was garbage. Even with vets holding PPL’s feet to the fire, you have other dumb asses *cough cough master.on cough cough* running to their defense.
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    So true bro! Lol
    I just want people to stay aware is all. It’s all a risk with this shit, just want everyone to be safe and smart and make these fuckers work hard for the money that we work so hard to earn! Lol

    Now, it’s time to go in here and see if this chiropractor can help with these shoulder problems I’ve been having so I can get back into lifting the big boy weights. I’m starting to get weird looks in the “women’s only” workout room at the gym. Lol :oops:
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    LMAO, peace out brother
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  13. They come to Meso because it's free. Much harder to survive than a paid board, but still free, none the less.

    Any new source needs to come ready with pics of stock and filters, etc. Many scammers from the past had little to no stock and kept dragging their feet when it came to posting pics.

    Demanding pics of the actual lab setup is never reciprocated by the source. Do really need evidence that a source is brewing out of their kitchen?

    We all know the term "lab" is used very loosely, and only a fool would take a pic of their lab without making sure all the glassware is crystal clean and everything look's professional.

    Though it would be great evidence to see that they actually are brewing and not out right scamming, it just never happens.

    Suggesting to sources that they should donate to AL in a show of good faith that they're here to stay seems to be working out for the better thus far.

    Personally, screaming at a new source and telling them to GTFO after one post got old for me. The same with the titty pic requests and the overall hostility that's typically displayed in new source threads.

    i've mellowed to the point where i'm willing to give a source a chance to show us what they have to offer. If they can't provide the simple thing's that i previously mentioned, then yes, it's pitchfork and thread arson time.

    The possibility of scammers will always be there. Whether we scream at sources and make demands or we treat them with a little respect, it's still going to happen.
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    At the end of the day, they’re drug dealing to make money. Not friends. Even the best of the best UGLs may skip out with some of our money in the end. It’s a risk we all take.

    I like TGI, haven’t ordered from the fella yet but him being active on the forum as much as we are is always a good start. Maybe the gear is good too.
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    Bostins has some great sources btw , but this time this one is no bueno.
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    That ass in your avi though...
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    Current fuck buddy she's 32 year old divorced slutt lol
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    Sooooo post the rest of the pictures
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    That’s why we ran his ass out of here. He’s residing over at BoP in the safety of that joke of a board.
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