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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by goldline, Aug 19, 2018.

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    Ur cousin 250 shredded And ur account is 2weeks old fuk out a here
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    Ya ive only been here at meso a couple weeks. Ive been on ProM for bout 4years or so. I came here alot and read up on shit from time to time but honestly theres alot of fukin young little bitches that love to fight and be drama queens and keyboard toughguys. Im almost 40 years old and been do this since i was a kid. I aint gotta prove shit to nobody. Ive been lifting n fighting in the gym and traveling working n partying my whole life. Not living behind a computer screen. But ive had sum health issues lately that made me slow down. So sry if my post count aint high as yours. Just cuz someone aint been here long or been posting constantly doesnt mean there an idiot or should be disrespected. I was simply pointing out my experience with this guy and the fact that the person who posted 2 emails that were very close to goldline's emails but not his actual email might have got scammed by someone posing as him. Happens all the time.
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    Damn this thread is pretty much dead. Can anyone chime in that has used this guys phentermine? Sorry to bring back up this trainwreck of a thread. I cant find this shit domestic anywhere
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    This clown is over at BoP
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    It’s D-Red the owner of the Hardcore Underground forum. They call it the “Red-Line” there then rebrand it as “Goldline” at all the shitty paid boards. Same exact product list (even in the same order of products!)
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    Fuck man I ask the people here cuz I value their opinion. I dont trust a damn thing at BOP lol
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