Good countries to move out to

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nervje, Nov 4, 2018.

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    Software, engineering, etc. I do some of both and telecommute pretty regular. My company also employs developers around the country who rarely set foot in the office. We even have a team leader that mostly works from home.

    Doing that all the time requires a lot of self control. We have phone meetings literally every day, and I find I still need to visit the office every week to remain focused. It's definitely not for everyone, and can be detrimental to your career if you can't handle it.
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    Yea software developers
  3. TRT

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    Columbia...women...that's all.
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    Also cocaine.....
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  5. What else can a man ask for; Some food and maybe a bath ever so often? LOL.
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    Well, guess Columbia won’t do then.
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    Fine you are looking for a boring country go to Canada then.
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    Just move to another city/state.
    No need to move abroad and earn pesos or so.
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    Stay where you were born and bred. There’s no place like home
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    WORK heck why do that when someone else is paying YOUR WAY

    Another utterly pathetic freeloader pursuit.
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    Rest assured Costa Rica has MANY problems ! Ask the people you know about the "Atlantic side" of CR, the rampant drug trade, overt political corruption, lack of infrastructure etc.

    Just for comparison while the average Gross National Income (per capita) approximates 50K in the US it's 7K in CR.

    So you better have enough money to FULLY retire in bc the average wage earner in CR, like most Central America countries, is a mere pitence compared to the US!

    Visitors with extended visas are NOT granted the healthcare and other benefits of CR citizens. CR citizenship is even more enduring than the US, averaging 11 years post application. Unless YOU bring something such as a company and it's money with you.

    Few people understand just how difficult it is to become a citizen in another country, unless you have something to offer exclusive of an open hand.
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    I guess youre from america then huh? (If not then I guess youre from a country that handles it like america)

    Theres countries where they take cash off your wage/salary in order to take it as health insurance/health tax.
    Therefore you dont have to pay for every small issue you have when you go to the doctor. For important health issues you dont really have to pay then. Look it up its way better imo than how america handles it, where you get paid a lot more but dont have health insurance the way we or many other countries do.
    Nothing to do with being lazy, more being a human right imo.
    You shouldnt have to pay crazy amounts of money to get your health checked.

    And now dont judge me because i dont know too many details or too good how ie america handles it, but as far as im aware you have to pay nearly for aynthing there.
    Of course here youll have to pay too but just small standard amounts.
    Have a cold and need a few different medicines? Due to the health insurance you can buy all the medicine the doc prescribes for only 5$.
    IF it is needed.
    That simple, and it is good.
  13. Tom

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    As a Chinese, I do not think the communism is the very thing to matter your life, even for a foreigner. Of course, try not to shout "Beat down the communism in the government".

    Most Chinese live in a good situation, no need to wait for a week for a cold checking or wait for a domestic parcel more than 3 days(Except any international meeting or sports). You can have a wonderful life, to order food, clothing, almost anything by a phone. And, the cost for phone is lower now. To with a phone, you do not need to get any cash in your pocket. There are enough app in the phone to help you on the payment for bus, taxi, underway, restaurant, hotel, shopping, etc. Just ensure you have enough deposit in the bank card, which bonded in your phone like Alipay or Wechat pay.

    Beside the much easier life, there are more delicious food than your imagined. In the night or weekend, all kinds of snakes will take most of the time and belly.

    And, in China, there are lots of beautiful places, Great Wall in Beijing, Terra Cotta Warriers in Xi'an, Nanjing Rd in Shanghai, Tibet, wonderful beach in Shenzhen, etc. Every city is worthy of your time to stay.

    I love China, there is almost no firearms allowed for personal, lots of cameras in the street, you can even come out for BBQ after midnight, without looking around time to time.

    I love China and it is my home.
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    Are you a native chinese, or just happen to live there?

    What about aas in china?
  15. Tom

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    Native, also maybe happen to live here by God chosen. :)

    AAS is just sort of business, just like all the other countries. Weeds is legal in Canada and some states in US, ephedrine is kind of legal product for some companies in China as well. So does AAS. It depends on whom your backup is.
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    Canadians u guys b non inviting assholes lol
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    It's all good man!
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    NZ customs is just as bad if not worse smaller country !!

    Great country nice people it can be very wet though even in the summer sometimes

    There is snow only in the winter time in certain places though

    Check out what we offer and prices on food etc

    Don't expect to buy a home unless you have 20% of a basic house 700k plus renting is expensive as well
    There are are businesses that sponsor here find out what's around on the net

    There's a lot of Canadians and phillipinos being let in now working on construction sites they have working visas through companys here.

    I've heard from a few Canadians that are builders here that nz is expensive but lifes so much better just the weather sucks hahah

    I've lived in Australia for 25+ years But moved back to nz after I saved for a deposit on a home kinda like get a head (I must admit moneys is decent there but is more expensive as well especially Sydney) I'm now in a sweet spot so very happy back in nz now.

    You can make life where ever you want really it's all up to you at the end of the day.

    Good luck bro.
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    Just got back from thailand. Samui is really a good place to live a life, man. Beautiful, relaxing, nothing to worry about...