hello everyone I'm new and I'm a chinese girl

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by lagina_yui, May 19, 2016.

  1. lagina_yui

    lagina_yui Junior Member

    tell me how to delete this thread
  2. insaiyan93

    insaiyan93 Member

    Oh im afraid its far too late for that, my dear LingLing.
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  3. GigaloRob

    GigaloRob Member

    Your pic is down. Just go away now and don't come back here with your bullshit. We will miss you.
  4. lagina_yui

    lagina_yui Junior Member

    Thank you anyway..
  5. GigaloRob

    GigaloRob Member

    Still waiting on the asshole pic....
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  6. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    @jaymaximus is gonna be pissed ! When he finds out his girl been whoring herself out!
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  7. Skull

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    Lol I was gonna tag him myself cuz he has some of the best zingers aroun, although @insaiyan93 jus made me lmfao at his;):D:p:cool:
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  8. insaiyan93

    insaiyan93 Member

    Hahha thank you thank you! I'll be here all week!
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  9. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    JayMax been MIA for a bit. Hope everything is cool...
  10. Michael7

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  11. insaiyan93

    insaiyan93 Member

    Heheh its been too long since ive seen that movie. Im so ronery lol
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  12. Do you fuck on the first date ?
  13. Eman

    Eman Member

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  14. lagina_yui

    lagina_yui Junior Member

    Sorry Chinese girl is not such open as Americans.
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  15. Oh come on , give us a peek ...Me Papa-san ;)
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  16. bhog

    bhog Member

    A couple drinks and you can't keep your little hands off. The eye contact and sinful smile make you start to drip. My place for some music it is. A nice variety of stuff you've never heard and in the middle of your new favorite tune I finally touch you. You can't handle it.

    You get down on your knees in the middle of my living room and when you try to pull my monster out and it can't fit through my fly,you know you're in for some trouble. You stare at it in utter amazement, The Elusive BWC is there for the taking. Where will you put it? Where will you not? Will you be able to take it? All thoughts flowing through your head.

    Part 1
  17. Did anyone catch that this is a "working" doll ? lol
    Ladies , heres your replacement . :eek:
  18. Sector51

    Sector51 Member

    This thread has my head spinning, wtf!
  19. Buffhunter

    Buffhunter Member

    Lmfao this is fucking hilarious
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  20. TheQuest

    TheQuest Member

    Welcome to MESO we do love Asian sluts.

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