hello everyone I'm new and I'm a chinese girl

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by lagina_yui, May 19, 2016.

  1. Michael7

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    You can not derete it .
  2. tenpoundsleft

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    Newsflash - you're not in China sweetie.

    Welcome to our world, where YOU are the foreigner!
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  3. Groundfighter

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    Now I need some won ton soup after reading this shit.
  4. Sector51

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    Seems we are being invaded by China in a way, lol.
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  5. Sector51

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    I can imagine that being said in an Asian accent...
  6. Tom

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    From this thread, everyone will learn something from it:

    1. The colored will be teasing by the the so-called native, even in the forum. Nobody cares she is girl. That means, the majority will take the control of the minority. So, the rape cases happened in India, or the black from US was shot, or the refugee was abandoned in Europe.
    2. Man can insult the woman as he likes, with every kind of words or pic.
    What will happen if this girl/woman is your sister, your daughter, your mother? Don't you think it won't happen to you or your family?

    Be kind and go confession to your Father. God is watching what we do.
  7. D-Ballin

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    Lol. The moral highground coming from a dude catfishing sales under the name Nicole? I think not.

    Back to your own thread, lady boy. Neither of you are particularly welcome or appreciated here.
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  8. Michael7

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    You forgot to mention all the paedophile priests who "work" for God , I'll stay away from confession .
  9. Gramps

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    So, what exactly are you insinuating about American girls? Are you suggesting they are loose and put out readily?

    Ok, ok... many really do fuck at the drop of underwear or a dollar bill. What exactly is wrong with that again? Many who play "hard to get" wind up being "the last gotten". Never mind all that. Send the nude pics already.
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    God doesnt live in this house. Now, by the power of the infernal dark lord, be gone with yeeeeeee!!!!
  11. Gramps

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    Yes, yes he is watching you. And he wants you to drop that towel.

    Of course I was stating that as if you were a chick, but since you're only playing one on the internet, that only makes you look like all the creeps in the chat rooms.
  12. Dw725

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    As if the thread title wasn't fishing for these exact responses anyways .....
  13. Smokey McPot

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    Lmfao! This thread is hilarious
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