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Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by Mechace1, Mar 31, 2019.

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    decent progress. keep at it!
  2. Mechace1

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    Thanks brother - strength is really up too right now so just gotta keep banging
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    Last workout before vacation for a few days here with family.. just gonna slam 2 carton of egg whites a day and eat as much meat and OKish carbs as I can over vacation and enjoy myself

    Lying leg curls sets of 12-20 up to 85x12
    Deadlift working up plate 25 plate 25, etc in sets of 3 until 500x3 pretty easily
    Seated leg curls up to 90x20
    Hack squats up to 3 plates a side for 12
    Leg extensions up to 120x15
    Weighted machine crunches and leg raises

    20 mins cardio as always
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    Back from vacation and still going strong here.. up to 205 and not noticing much fat gain, 100% having some water retention issues. Last two days were chest/biceps and then back/ triceps. Today’s training

    Smith seated ohp up to 155x110
    Db lat raise up to 30x15
    Machine lat raise up to 65x15
    Hs seated press superset Db rear delt flyes up to 1.5 plates a side on the press for 13
    Shrugs up to 225x15
    Behind the back smith shrugs 160x15

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    Damn I’m bad at logging guys so going to play some catch up .. bumped deca to 600mg last week, otherwise still at 750test. Training every day on the same split, I take rest days as truly needed but my body seems to be soaking up the gear and food and loving training daily so not letting off the gas yet on that.

    Diets gotten to be:
    Meal 1 - 460g egg whites / 105g cream of wheat / 32g natty Pb
    Meal 2 (post) - 2 scoop whey / 460g egg whites / 250g banana
    Meal 3- 2 scoops whey
    Meal 4 -6 - 9oz chicken / 100g white rice / bbq sauce
    Meal 7 same as 4-6 but also 32g natty PB +triple zero Greek yogurt

    Trainings gone well.. some recent highlights from the things I go heavy on:

    Smith seated overhead 185x10
    Squat 315x15
    Front squat 225x12
    Hack squat 4 plates a side x12
    Bench 240x7 and 315x1
    Incline bench 185x8
    T bar rows 4 plates x8
    Deadlift 500x5

    Otherwise been training in 10-20 rep range on everything else and just hammering as much volume as I can. Deff getting leaner as well as far as I can tell and up to 208lbs.

    Goals for next 2-3 weeks on this cycle is try to push to 215 and from there get bloods and evaluate the next move. IMG_2708.jpg