How long does a first injection take to work?

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    I thought you said he gave you 400 to last a month. 100mg a week is a good place to start and then recheck the levels after a month or two.
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    he injected me with 400 today, 200 into each hip and then said he probably go to 200 in one hip from then on based on my level. But its all relevant to what my level checks in 4 weeks and if the half life is 2 weeks then i will have a low level and he will increase my dosage i would think.
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    I woke this morning with a more clear mind, i was injected with 2 cc into each hip, what does that equate to in mgs?
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    In the US most doctors use Depo-Test which is 200mg/ml or 200mg/cc.
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    Once an individual starts on testosterone Replacement Therapy, does this indicate that the injections of Testosterone Cypionate have to be given for the rest of a man's lifespan?
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    yes will have to stay on test replacement injection for rest of life unless you stop injecting it and start stimulating your body to make it again( if your body is capable of completing the hormonal "circuit" and secreting the hormones to give you an adequte level of testosterone).

    I noticed your tag was depressed. Been there, and well butrin worked when I was in 20's. now I dont take anything however Saint johns wort is proven to work in treating depression. I took it before and it worked for me, better than other prescribed. Most people think sjw is maoi, increase dopamine, seretonin, norepineprine...... primarily seretonin. Can hurt libido, like a ssri.

    being said I would treat the low test with the minumum dosage keep test elevated and to mitigate e2 formation and try and keep a good attitude instead of taking more drugs. been there doing that.
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    Lets say you take weekly injections. When you take the 2nd injection, some of the first injection still has not been abosrbed. Finally after about one month of injections your T level will reach it's peak level about 48 hours after that 4th injection. So, it can take up to a month to feel the full effects. If you were to stop injections it would likewise not all be out of your system for at least one month.
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    Where did you get your information?
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    You are quite young and Low T problems happens mostly in old age people because with age level of testosterone falls down. If you are having Testosterone level below 300 ng/dL then you are infected with Low T problem. You should go through a medical exam which includes specific blood tests. The injection for treatment works usually takes 3 days for its action.
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    I have just taken my first injection yesterday. I am 33, T levels of 340 to start with, put on Axiron 1 pump under each arm a day, worked great for 3 weeks and then stopped. Dr. pulled estradiol when i asked for it then and it was 37, my T was down to 200. Dr. did not know what to do, I asked for arimidex and was reluctantly given a script and was told she did not know how to treat me. I found another dr, who specializes in T treatment. Put me on depotest. Frist shot 200mg yesterday, next week 100mg do that 3 weeks, then start on once every 2 weeks. Anyway, I have studied the forums some and cannot answer this, my doctor is out today, but I took the shot last night, slept well till about 2 then started having hot flashes that have continued all day, about 3 an hour at least, it is like my body is trying to regulate it temp and cannot. Is this a usual side effect that will go away? I feel pretty rough too. But I read it takes a couple days for the shot to start doing. Any ideas? Thanks, nice forum here and hopefully I can contribute as I go alone.
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    Full immunization for Hepatitis B requires a series of 3 shots administered over a period of approximately 4-6 months. The second shot is due 1-2 months after the first, and the third shot is due 4-6 months after the first.
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    Assuming you are injecting Test-Opinionated your levels should
    elevate steadily upward to a peak at around 48 hours then begin
    a downside and at the fifth day take a steeper drop path. How
    you feel should be at optimum for that dosage at about 48 hours.
    Other forms of testosterone like proportionate or tenanted etc,
    have a somewhat different timing.
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    I'm more Opionated toward Test-Cypiontae[:eek:)]
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    To completely avoid scar tissue and needle launch forever, use only luer lock syringes and needles which screw on, and inject with a 25 gauge needle. Equipment: 3 ml syringe; 25 gauge, 1" to 1.5", and 22 gauge, 1" or longer needles. Get a large washer from the hardware store that the syringe will just fit though, but not fall through. This greatly increases your leverage. Use the 22 needle to pump a couple of syringes of air into the vial, then draw out your dose, and leave a good size air gap. Set the syringe with 22 neede into a glass of very hot tap water to thins out the oil, for about 5 min, drop on the washer, then screw off the 22 gauge and put on the 25 gauge 1 to 1.5 inch. Squeeze out the air gap, and inject in your butt. Slapping the ass or hard also reduces the pain, but mostly there is none unless you hit a nerve. Best right out of the shower, otherwise wipe with alcohol, but let evaporate or it is very painful.
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    I have been on Test-Cyp for...February will be 2 years. For the last 6 months my routine has been the same. I inject 40mg of 100 on Monday @ 8AM. On Thursday I pin the same dose but at 8PM. This routine peaks in about 60 hours for me. That would be Wednesday night and Sunday morning. FWIW..I take 1.0mg of Anastrozole on injection day. This routine has been the best for me as far as mood stabilization. Still need viagra to fully engage. I use a slin-pin with a push-on 27g needle. I draw and inject with the same pin rotating thighs every other injection. This is strictly TRT.
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    I ordered several 3cc syringes that came with 18gauge needles. Where do you purchase the 25 gauge needles from?
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    Meso here might sell needles, I'm not sure. I have purchase from medsupply without complications. You might also try 27 gauge. You can load your syringe with the 18g and then inject with the 25 or 27 gauge. Here is the link to Med Supply.

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    I use Get Pinz. Throw that in google and you should be all set.
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