How long does a first injection take to work?

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    I use get pinz also, they are fast and the prices are good.

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    How long does the first injection take to work,i was on ADT androgen depravation thearapy where they give you shots once a month to shut your test production down completely.I was on it for a little over a year,in that time i couldnt get an erection at all even with cialis. My test level came back up to 137 but it wasnt enough to get an erection at all. I took a shot of sustanon 250 mg in the morning and the next morning i had morning wood...........people under estimate how quickly AAS start to work
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    I notice full effect in like 3 weeks
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    Does it work for everyone?
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    It depends on the person, I didn't feel test e until mid of week 5. Some feel it as early as week 2. So it all depends on the individual.
  6. It took me about 3 weeks to feel the effects of 250mg Test Cyp at 1 pin per week. After that I could tell when the shots wore off … normally about 5-7 days after each injection I could feel the loss of energy. So, I discussed it with my doctor and I opted for pellets to keep my blood work stable and cut down on the bloat.
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    no, you need 200mgs every 2 weeks to start. If that isn't enough, take 200mgs/week. I have been on it a while, and my cousins are on it.
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    Hey all. New here and just reading and trying to research this. I was also wondering how long this was going to take to see a difference. I went to the doctor last year and my T was at 99. My doctor put me on Adrogel 2 pumps at bedtime on each of my shoulders. Not feeling any different, I kept at it. Sometimes i felt better and most of the time not. I just got my blood work in again and my T went down to 53 from 99 a year ago. He put me on testosterone Cypionate Injection, USP 200mg/ml giving myself a shot every two week. I asked my doctor if he saw anything lower then 53 and he said I was the lowest he ever saw. Didn't make me feel too good that my T went down and also he said this was the lowest he ever saw. My wife is giving me the injections in my butt. I guess from all the reading that I read here, it really depends on the person on how fast this is going to take. Some saw a difference within days and others weeks.

    Is there anything else that anyone knows of that I am able to raise my T while taking the injections? Just trying to get this going. I miss my wife in bed. :eek:

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    Greetings guys,

    I'm a 49 year old who just tested his T at a very low 170 with free at 0.059. I'm a reasonably fit male 6' tall 195lbs. I am going to my Dr. this afternoon to follow-up on my low T issue. What should I expect from my Dr. today about my LowT? I went to him because I hav all the symptoms of low T. Been this way now for 4 years or so...
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    Gents, please be careful with these injections. I'm fairly up to date with the recent science on this. There have been many reports of debilitating medical issues involving these injections. Please use care and consult your endocrinologist and NOT your PCP. I'm curious to see whether people have experiences any issues. Feel free to email me.
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    On day one, I felt the effects within 4 hours but it did not last through the week (ED, weakness, insomnia) but after three weeks everything stabilized.

    Weirdness: About 2 years ago I had to start wearing glasses. My right eye (dominant side) was weak and my left could not compensate. The computer screen was blurred and I had to squint to see it. I could close my right eye and see fairly well. My prescription is pretty weak but compensates for my right eye. After 1.5 years on TRT, slowly, I have put down my glasses and no longer need them.

    There was nothing wrong with my the eye lens, it was the muscles that tighten the lens that had gotten weak. I can now close my left eye and see just fine close range and long range.
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    it begins to metabolize and work within the first day, but don't expect miracles, hormones are not that simple
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    When it comes to test I only get an extra amount of boners after the first week. In weeks 3-4 I slowly feel strength and size increases. That's just me though
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    Same issue here with the eye... Just started my cycle on Friday afternoon, 4 March, with a booster shot consisting of 1cc 300mg cyp and 1cc of 200mg EQ. My second dose will be 1/2cc of the cyp and 1cc of the EQ and will follow that for five weeks eventually removing the EQ and then going to 1cc of the cyp and pyramiding down. I will post results of my eye and also post results of libido, etc.
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    Why is the EQ used at the beginning? Does it jump-start things?

    Thanks for the updates, looking forward to them.