How many members here use TOR


Just using a VPN myself I did download that TOR but it seemed to be really slow, could have been my internet or VPN but it would be annoying to use all the time for me.
At the very least a vpn hides your use of TOR from your ISP since the ISP can see when you are using TOR. Does the ISP provide a list of its customers who use TOR to the gov to be put on a list? Depends on whom you ask. Given the choice I would rather have my name on a list of vpn users rather than a list of TOR users.

This makes perfect sense. From all I've read re: gov't monitoring the TOR tracking is something they almost certainly do, even if it doesn't lead to any warrants 99.999% of the time they've still got you in their Big Data for any future interest.

VPNs shove the TOR visibility to the Internet side of the VPN provider, which if in another country (and not one of the Five Eyes who actively share monitoring data -- US, Britain, and... uh... three others) should make it real tough for any LE to readily track you down on the net.

And VPN usage is super common and has been for decades for many purposes, originally linking business branches with private tunnels (much cheaper than the dedicated phone company links of old) and then for inter-business links and work-at-home types. That was 20+ years ago and today it's far more widespread so I can't see LE trying to track all of that as possible shady activity. But who knows, it's still possible -- they do record insane amounts of metadata on all traffic ever since the Patriot Act.


I don't dark web often but I use my VPN on a regular basis for certain websites and also when I am up or downloading data.

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