How many times a week it is healthy to cum?

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    Go ahead. Justify your use of jacking off daily. I won’t be
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  2. Again it was done on rats not humans, humans aren’t rats, find one with human subjects
  3. lol keep believing your rat studies chief
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    Ok whether it effects humans or not what’s the point of jerking off to a computer. You get nothing out of it. Nothing. Fuck that.

    anyways I’m not trying to prove shit. If people are curious they can look it up if they don’t care then to each their own.

    I’m not gonna discount a study just because it wasn’t done in humans. That’s called being naive
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    They have a whole website and team of scientists dedicated to these studies

    Increased estrogen receptor alpha immunoreactivity in the forebrain of sexually satiated rats.

    Horm Behav. 2007 Mar;51(3):328-34. Epub 2007 Jan 19.

    Phillips-Farfán BV, Lemus AE, Fernández-Guasti A.

    Department of Pharmacobiology, CINVESTAV, México City, México.


    Estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha) participates in the neuroendocrine regulation of male sexual behavior, primarily in brain areas located in the limbic system. Males of many species present a long-term inhibition of sexual behavior after several ejaculations, known as sexual satiety. It has been shown that androgen receptor density is reduced 24 h after a single ejaculation or mating to satiety, in the medial preoptic area, nucleus accumbens and ventromedial hypothalamus. The aim of this study was to analyze if the density of ERalpha was also modified 24 h after a single ejaculation or mating to satiety. Sexual satiety was associated with an increased ERalpha density in the anteromedial bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BSTMA), ventrolateral septum (LSV), posterodorsal medial amygdala (MePD), medial preoptic area (MPA) and nucleus accumbens core (NAc). A single ejaculation was related to an increase in ERalpha density in the BSTMA and MePD. ERalpha density in the arcuate (Arc) and ventromedial hypothalamic nuclei (VMN), and serum estradiol levels remained unchanged 24 h after one ejaculation or mating to satiety. These data suggest a relationship between sexual activity and an increase in the expression of ERalpha in specific brain areas, independently of estradiol levels in systemic circulation.

    COMMENTS: Estrogen receptors density increases in several regions following a single ejaculation, and sexual satiety. In the full study they suggest this change lasts longer than 24 hrs.

    Relationship Between Sexual Satiety And Brain Androgen Receptors.

    Romano-Torres M, Phillips-Farfán BV, Chavira R, Rodríguez-Manzo G, Fernández-Guasti A.

    Neuroendocrinology. 2007;85(1):16-26. Epub 2007 Jan 8.

    Department of Pharmacobiology, Centro de Investigación y Estudios Avanzados, Mexico City, Mexico.


    Recently we showed that 24 h after copulation to satiety, there is a reduction in androgen receptor density (ARd) in the medial preoptic area (MPOA) and in the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus (VMH), but not in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BST).

    The present study was designed to analyze whether the ARd changes in these and other brain areas, such as the medial amygdala (MeA) and lateral septum, ventral part (LSV), were associated with changes in sexual behavior following sexual satiety.

    Males rats were sacrificed 48 h, 72 h or 7 days after sexual satiety (4 h ad libitum copulation) to determine ARd by immunocytochemistry; additionally, testosterone serum levels were measured in independent groups sacrificed at the same intervals. In another experiment, males were tested for recovery of sexual behavior 48 h, 72 h or 7 days after sexual satiety. The results showed that 48 h after sexual satiety 30% of the males displayed a single ejaculation and the remaining 70% showed a complete inhibition of sexual behavior. This reduction in sexual behavior was accompanied by an ARd decrease exclusively in the MPOA-medial part (MPOM). Seventy-two hours after sexual satiety there was a recovery of sexual activity accompanied by an increase in ARd to control levels in the MPOM and an overexpression of ARd in the LSV, BST, VMH and MeA. Serum testosterone levels were unmodified during the post-satiety period. The results are discussed on the basis of the similarities and discrepancies between ARd in specific brain areas and male sexual behavior.

    COMMENTS: According to other studies androgen receptors increase on day 4, but have declined once more by day 7

    Sexual behavior correlates with the diurnal plasma testosterone range in intact male rhesus monkeys
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    Well... you get the release, so there is that aspect.
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    True, but ya get loss of energy afterwards atleast I do so I don’t do it. Not if it’s gonna even SLIGHTLY effect my lifts by a half rep

    This is a taboo topic because sex is one of the highest drivers of motivation in biology. So even if people saw human studies they would brush em aside so I try not to bring em up. I don’t even know why I brought this on any further

    Then again I’ve had some damaging neurological shit throughout my recreational drug use days so the shit probably don’t effect others like it does me anyways
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    I guess androgen receptors aside, the main unhealthy thing is porn. That’s what I shoulda emphasized, causes a huge spike in dopamine and adrenaline, adrenaline is a precursor to dopamine, over time that will desensitize dopamine receptors in the brain and lead to adrenal exhaustion rise in cortisol buncha shit. The point of the studies isn’t that jerking off or sex with a woman is bad. It’s that constant opportunity to click on a new female lights up the body’s reproductive process again when in a non virtual setting itwouldnt be ready to go again. It’s mainly the novelty/dopamine factor that is so damaging more so than anything hormonal. Like a drug.

    Enormous amounts of studies that’s the last I’ll ever speak on it though. Hate bringing it up cuz people aren’t willing to consider it
  9. With that logic what’s the point of having sex outside procreation, what’s the point of oral sex, anal sex, those aren’t the proper receptacles for the seed. I don’t jack it all the time, and when I do I usually go to the edge and stop but when I go all the way I don’t worry or feel anything other than a bit relaxed. It can be a useful tool, like on those instances where you feel your dick taking over and leading you towards bad choices rubbing one out, or two can help you think clearly again.

    Now this is totally different and yes excessive porn can potentially have some harmful affects.
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    Yeah I should have clarified that. I’m not disagreeing with you at all.

    Bad day today.
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    Not true at all. I've read studies that claimed zero impact and one that said testosterone levels rise after an orgasm.


    Does ejaculation affect testosterone levels?

    They have a list of cited sources at the bottom of the page(around 10).
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    350lift Member <- there if anyone’s curious there’s all the damn studies U could want
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    Personally I feel lazier and less motivated after I masturbate which contradicts every study I've read, but I choose to avoid it anyways before I do anything athletic.
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    I got stupider reading this thread. Half you morons sound like you are 14. No wonder this board is a joke
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    You know you’re exactly the type a fucking person I hate in life. There’s too many of you.

    I bet you’re a special type of stupid. I bet you have absolutely no self discipline persevearance or comprehension skills.

    You don’t belong taking steroids
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    LOL u have been on the steroid forums for 20 years and you are this fuckin unintelligent.
    You. Are. A. Disgrace. To. Your. Wife. Daughter. Son. Grandkids, and yourself.

    Fuckin 10 iq over here!

    Lemme ask you something bitch boy. How does the HPTA work. What’s the difference between primary secondary and tertiary hypogonadism. What’s the prefix hypo mean? What’s the suffix ism mean? Explain the process of downregulation and upregulation of receptors in the brain in correlation with homeostasis.

    You probably don’t even know that clomid shuts off negative feed back in the hypothalamus and this is how your body starts itself back up. Fuck you probably didn’t even know what the fuckin hypothalamus is. I knew this shit at 20 fucking years old.

    You know I wouldn’t get so upset over one post on a random forum. But the amount of people like you that I’ve met in my life -stupid- has me on edge with every single one of you now.
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    LOL And you continue to prove my point with that magnificent meltdown
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    You couldn’t answer a damn question I stated could ya

    20 years. 20 years and u don’t know an answer to any of that

    And yeah. I got a lot a rage in me. Feels good to let it out sometimes
  20. I was leaning towards the little 3-4 inch ones about the size of a crayon lol. Can’t get the pic to upload
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