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    Checked all your sites that you're "verified on" and did some digging for everyone to get the consensus

    Meso - Overwhelming negative reviews
    OLM - No threads ever
    BoP - 2 Threads from actual users, one of them asking for quality of gear other saying you're trash
    Mecca - No user reviews
    BSF - Link went to wrong forum -- found you, maybe looks like 20-30 users.
    ProM - Maybe like 5 users checking in - thread is filled with only your ads

    And these are just the forums you were still allowed to post on despite the faked reports and contaminated gear.

    Why would a verified liar of the basic compounds be trusted to get anything else correct?

    Edit: 1. I also see no reports of your peptides.. primo.. or GH on your spec results page

    2. your Generic GH borderline rivals the price of pharma, and your ansome price/iu ratio is higher than serostim packs. have you looked into that...?
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    IASP REP IASuperPharma rep

    Continuing to allow the lab to promote on a website has to be seen a some-what form of acceptance, whether the forum is free or not.

    Thats just not true, its more so people casting a doubt over us due to previous bullshit.
    Not everyone who gets involved in steroids is on forums and unless somehow given incentive to post good reviews, they rarely do.
    No matter how much they enjoy the gear or how long theyve used a certain lab.

    Your living in the past, a few pages back youll find all our new lab tests with the name/address and email of the company that did the tests. All of these lab test results can also be found on our website.

    What assurance would you like from a ACCUSATION? its a bloody accusation.
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    there are many sources here confirmed bad that still have an open thread to serve as a warning to people.

    and then so why don't you make incentives? sources almost everywhere give bloods discounts, lab testing discounts, etc... if you're struggling to "make a good image" then why not put in place things to "make your good image" --- i'm not sure on your disconnect in the realm of thinking...
    "man, people hate my product and I have no good reviews anywhere! .... hmm maybe i'll just get pissy with my customers and not give them incentives to TEST and VERIFY my products.."

    i.. as well as many members here will vocally go out and say when they appreciate a source.

    I think this forum is probably the BEST platform anyone looks to when vetting sources actually... cause we're the most vocal forum there is... if there's any forum to clean yourself up from being so hit-or-miss that even ProM has you on bad terms it would probably be through here.. I've said it once and i'll say it again.. people look at THIS forum for real reviews (if they dont mind wading through hundreds of pages of flaming) cause if it passes mesorx then you got yourself a damn good source

    have you read about my complaints in my second post?

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    How about some ads with Tony Huge. He might be able to market your products because you surely can’t lol.
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    That's a stretch lol...this stuff's caused enough infections.
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  8. i always forget about this thread. Then i'm reminded once a month that it exists. Good thing it's free to source here.
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    Having Americans repping (under their real names and showing their faces ) online and at the Arnold South America Expo is madness unless the goal is to get extradited to the US during the next Op Raw Deal.
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    Guy still hasn't answered why he doesn't have tests for primo it gh even.

    Even if the infection thing went away he completely ignores that they don't have testing done for some products
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    I agree, I can't wrap my head around why they would do that. Even if it's legal to manufacture AAS in the origin country, the US will charge them with conspiracy to distribute even if they can't be linked to importation personally. That has happened to multiple international labs owned by westerners.
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    A lot of sources don't personally test all of their products. Even if they did I wouldn't trust them.
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    It isn't legal to steroids manufacture where they are based. As with most sources in Asia they think they are safe because they are paying off customs / local police and even the local FDA but those connections are worthless once America gets involved. Sadly you only learn this the hard way.
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  14. Look's like the domestic arm of IASP has been busted.

    Private Label
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    Why do u say that is domestic arm of IASP that bust was ( Private Label l
  16. Because IASP was the producer of Private Labels gear. They shipped it over, popped on new labels, and bang bang. New lab with the proceeds going back to IASP.
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    I don't think thats accurate
  18. The information is out there. If you like IASP, order away. i won't argue with you. If you like Private Label, order away. i wo... Oh, you can't do that anymore. :D
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    Is the IASP rep here