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  1. He checks in at least once a month to post new banners. Beyond that, he's pretty quiet. He's a big guy too. Not sure why he doesn't mix it up with members? i'm sure he could relate some useful information.
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  2. FishnTom

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    Thats pretty much what all IASP reps do
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    IASP REP IASuperPharma rep

    USA Domestic is live boys!
    If your an old customer, log in with your old details.
    New customer? Please follow the on screen instructions and remember, all conversations and processing happen within the website, you need to be logged in to talk to us and upload photos.
    No more external emails that big brother can read. Enjoy!!

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  4. bolder

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    @MisterSuperGod here's what you been waiting for!
    They’re baaaaccckkkk! :eek:

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  5. Damn. Knew it was too good to be true.
  6. ickyrica

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    This septic tank is still churning out gear?
  7. MindlessWork

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    Nope didn’t take long
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    Why do u say that???
  9. ickyrica

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    IASuperPharma V2
    It all starts here
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    Haha thats a loop
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  11. IASP REP

    IASP REP IASuperPharma rep

    10th Birthday!!
    All orders can be made at
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    Bang bang be gone!
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  13. IASP REP

    IASP REP IASuperPharma rep

    Attention All! The International site will be placed on maintenance mode on Monday the 6th of May 9am Asia time (9pm Sunday night USA time) for 48 hours while we finish integrating the new ticketing system into the back end.

    If you want to order from the International site then I recommend you do so before Sunday evening. Orders will be processed and shipped as usual during the upgrade and you can contact us atsales@iasuperpharma.is while the site is off line.

    This brings all three sites onto the one unbreakable server and fully secures all communications for all customers.

    USA and Australia sites will not be effected during this time. Your patience in advance is appreciated and this is the final ‘maintenance mode’ for IA Superpharma sites.
  14. Some unhappy campers over on BoP, with threads such as:

    So far not so good.
    No too happy.
    PIP every time i pin Fury.

    i'm sure it's the user that's at fault, never the source.
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  15. jackmeoff1

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    Anybody actually get orders from the USA store? I am in the market for phentermine and this place has it.
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    I don’t think any members here have ordered from these clowns.
  17. And if they have, they won't cop to it. Can't really blame them. The first thread was a train wreck and this one is just a monthly advertisement.
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  18. Kamon

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    i have legit considered ordering because (imo) i'm a lot less likely to get scammed by a large scale operation than a one man email only operation. (anecdotal experiences)

    1. but there are a lot of flags with IA.. first their sites are ALWAYS down and never coming back up within their timeframe which shows to me a lack of company directive to keep timelines

    2. many people on other forums have trashed them and theres a huge negative connotation with their name cause of the whole infection thing (idk how i feel about it personally)

    3. their prices for some products make NO sense (like gh) also no mass spec tests on it.

    4. their MG/ML seems unreasonable (like dhb, 200mg?! no way that wont tear your leg apart if you injected that -- would genuinely like a response for this though)

    5. theres NO incentive to test their products, no blood credits.. etc.

    6. and unless its a thread praising them they are NEVER anywhere to be found.
  19. FishnTom

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    I use them for my T.R.T and I some warmth after my injections in my quads but I always doI use test Cyp 250 1 cc every week and adex 1 mg monday and thursday I have no complaints
  20. mr_meanor

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    2mg adex a week on a low dose of most likely way underdosed gear?