Incurable ED

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    Perhaps the propensity of porn has added to the distortion of body image ... ever-ready, ever-hard, banging all day long ...

    Use of AAS on a brain that hasn't even finished developing (late 20's) can also be a problem.

    Not sure why people don't see counselors yet seek 'counsel' on forums. Anonymity? 'Mental' stigma? Money? Jerk-doctors? Lazy?

    As for the preoccupation, kind of to be expected with people who you pointed out are

    Still plenty of people, young and old, have sexual dysfunction issues. So it's as valid a topic as any in a forum.

    These days, plenty of "fit" young men have ED due to CVD. Whatever the case, they should see doctors and doctors should take it serious rather than dismiss it as a folly of youth.
    Erectile dysfunction in fit and healthy young men: psychological or pathological?
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    And how did this study define ED bc a large number of youngtsers define it as an inability to obtain an erection on demand.

    Of course youngsters may experience
    ED , but the cause is almost always FUNCTIONAL!

    Finally PED forum remedies to ED always
    focus of DRUG therapy and deemphasize
    the importance of psychological factors
    and that’s NOT a good thing.

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