Log for coming off of 4 year blast and cruise

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    Another small update:

    I have been off any serms/hcg/ai for the past 13 days, been feeling ok recently. Still some on and off testicle and nipple pain/sensativity. Not as bad as it was though. Libido is slightly better, I'm guessing maybe from the clomid and nolva clearing. Planning for bloodwork and a semen analysis in another 3-4 weeks.
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    Best wishes I look forward to your update and thank you for the advice.
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    Thank You, hopefully yours goes well also.
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    It has been 4 weeks since any serms were taken, roughly 5-6 half lives at this point, so they are essentially clear. Planning to get bloodwork done in the next 1-2 weeks.

    Feeling pretty ok, libido is ok, not great, but ok. No ED or anything though, so that's good. Strength has held pretty solid over the past month or so. Definitely down from on cycle.

    Looking at getting a semen analysis done around the middle of September. That will be roughly 90 days from the point I started clomid/nolva, and roughly 75 days from when I got my second set of bloodwork done showing lh and fsh up from 0.

    No pregnancy yet, but that isnt really a surprise given the time it takes for sperm to mature.
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    Got some bloodwork done. This is 5 weeks after last serm dose.

    Not really what I was hoping for, but not unexpected either.

    I have a few questions:

    Any idea why bilirubin might be high? Same for liver enzymes?

    prolactin is high, any good ways to bring that down besides caber/prami/bromo? I assume I would just need a small dose of either?

    I have been taking the following supplements:

    Animal pak
    Prostate support
    100mg of vitamin b6
    Maca root
    Omega 3

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    Went ahead and ordered some caber.

    Going to run .25mg 2x a week for two weeks. I assume that'll drop the prolactin pretty well? I have more, just unsure how much to use.
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    Jesus man what a mess?!!!!!
    I am sorry I didn't respond to your more thoroughly but you don't seem to know what you are doing with all these different drugs.
    For a HPTA recovery do it in stages.
    1. Get your balls working with hcg. Run the Scally Power pct until labs confirm that you can get a good amount of test from your balls. So midrange(600-800ng/dl) or your precycle tT levels should suffice.

    If your tT doesn't get to the targeted level, don't proceed with the SERMs.... Stick with the hCG until your balls are working.

    2. Start SERMs for 4 weeks, it can be helpful with an AI alongside. Confirm LH/FSH is in normal range via Labs.

    3. Discontinue the SERMs and monitor your e2, again don't proceed to the next step until labs confirm you are ready.

    Good luck!