Long time lurker ready to contribute my expiriences. HELLO MESO

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    Hello Meso community. Just a formal introduction before I start posting. Been a long time lurker and I’m a member on multiple forums. A worldwide shopper and hope to contribute to this great community. Not here to flame or argue with anybody. Here for harm reduction and to continue to learn. Never too experienced to keep learning. I live a balanced life and don’t plan on ever competing. Self prescribed lifetime trt, blast and cruise lifestyle

    Height: 6’3
    Weight: 285
    Bf: 12-18%

    Current cycle:
    200mg test cyp (perrito-great of course)
    1200mg Primo e (pharmasource-just started 5 pins in rotated and zilch of pip)
    750mg cut mix (juicepal- amazing brewer and stand behind his products so so many many of my lab rats-pip free)
    100mg Anavar (Hilma- pumps are real-hardness is getting there
    300mg mast e (juicepal- doing its job with low test imo

    Just dropped Penches FCKN AMAZING tren pellets, dropped mast e from 600mg to 300mg, and added the cutmix into this current cycle

    Typical ancillary support pharma aromasin, pharma caber, Proviron, t4, and my gh Serostim (am) mixed somastim(afternoon). I run DNP, clen/t3 and igf-lr3 in cycles. Can’t think of anything else GET PUMPED AND SMASH ON!
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    Dude you're coming off like a shiller for all those sources. We don't need to know nor care where you get your gear from.
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    Got it brother. Just sharing my expiriences but I can see what ya mean
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    It's a harm reduction site so if people can't put in the research to find a good source, they most likely didn't put research into the AAS they'll be putting into their body, ancillary drugs, and pct.

    Also we don't name drop sources outside of the rep's threads. If you want to speak words of praise to a good source that's where. If they're not on this forum we don't care. You're more than welcome to invite sources here to pitch sales but besides you initially vouching for them and tying your name to their success/failure, sources are on their own.

    That being said, welcome to meso, where ya from?
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    Solid mofo right here
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    I mean yeah it’s not nessisary, but I didn’t think it was that bad..