Major lower back and calves "pump" problem

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by StrengthReaper, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. AnTabolic73

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    I'm glad you said this. I've never heard that before too. I got worried because I was having the worst calf pumps recently due to var.
  2. MindlessWork

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    That's what ideal range I am considering including splitting doses.
  3. StrengthReaper

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    Anadrol is one of those orals I always wanted to try, but won't because of the major water retention. I ran some halo's last cycle towards the end to test my strength. The worst side-effect it gave me was awful headaches to the point it would ruin my sleep and have a huge crash until I took the next pill.

    Dbol was the first oral I ran, it was quite amazing at just 20mg/day for first 4 weeks and 30mg for last 2 weeks. At 20mg/day I felt a huge endurance boost, not so much strength until the 3rd week.
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  4. I don't get much water retention on any orals. I'll gain ~10 lbs in the first 7 - 10 days on dbol or A bombs, which is obviously fluid, but I don't look or feel bloated. I know some guys swell up like the Goodyear blimp but I never have.
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    Same. It definitely saturates your muscles, but I don't get any of the bloat some guys report. I'm guessing it's from estro spikes.
  6. StrengthReaper

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    What dose of a-drol do you guys take? Just from my experience with dbol I had a lot of water retention and I don't think I did more than 40mg/day. Guess I will never know how it would affect me until I try it myself. Worse case scenario I just drop the a-drol.
  7. Well, from reading those studies above, it said there was no difference in the two groups who took 100mgs vs 150mgs so I guess 2 a day split up seems to be the most needed. It is a study indeed, but I noticed no real difference myself in those two specific doses. Once again, everybody is different.
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    It took me a long time to realize this, but if taking something makes you feel like shit then it doesn't matter how good you look, you'll never see it
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    Does anyone get nasty back pumps from mast?
  10. StrengthReaper

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    Most of my nasty back pumps are from orals, but they are tolerable. I don't like to abuse the doses and the length of time on orals.
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    I have been on 1250mg sust a week and 800mg deca week for the last 5 weeks. Just thru some Anadrol in at 25 mg a day pre workout just for a little extra pop. That’s been 10 days. I was training hams on thurs of last week and may back pumps were so I tense I almost couldn’t finish the workout... anyway I embrace them... when I am sitting a lunch I do call raise while I am sitting g at the table. Holy shit gotta love the calves feeling full...
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    Am I the only weird one who experiences most of the painful pumps in my delts?

    It seems no matter what body part I'm lifting (upper body) I seem to get the most excruciating pumps in my deltoids when runnin orals.
  13. Boxsquatter

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    I sometimes get them in my fro t delts. But you got to be really I. Tuned to your body to know if it is a pump or something else like a tendon or something else that can cause problems. Shoulders take a lot of abuse with every body part we train. I usaully split front delts and side/rear usaully between my chest and back days. It works for this early 40’s guy.
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  14. CAswole

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    Just coming off horrible back pumps myself. Turns out it was the hgh. Taurine , extra water, nothing helped. I felt like i couldn't stand even after barbell curls. Dropped the hgh and little over a week later I'm deadlifting again. Go figure.
  15. Sk8man101

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    My pumps are absolute murder on dbol.
    Not so bad on SD but they still happen.
  16. I get them quite often, especially in the rear delts, but all over, really. Those pumps are quite painful and there's no way to alleviate the ache except wait for the pump to go down.
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  17. i've never had back pumps.
    i had shin pumps from Dbol, but it wasn't debilitating.
  18. Morefyah

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    How many times have you used orals?
  19. About 5 separate times. Using Anavar at 50 mg/day right now. Intense pumps during training, but no back pumps to speak of.

    i hope i'm not jinxing myself here. Got SLDLs tonight.
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  20. Morefyah

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    Yeah your pretty lucky. Var isn’t to bad with back pumps, but winny and SD are really bad.
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