Man arrested in connection to PPL bust released early from prison

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    I tried and failed .. maybe we need an uprising
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    That’s 100% it right there
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    Just need to figure out how.. I have to work for a living and a family to take care of..
    Not like these fuckers who bitch and complain in their parents basement..
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    Yeah its in the news all the time where you been people knocking over Seven-11s every day to help pay for their tren fix.
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    They said they found a notebook of names and addresses or something similar. Wonder if it was "found" or he had it stashed away as his get out of jail in 7 months card. Snitches.
  6. @T-Bagger Excuse my intrusion, but I thought you yourself were white. If you do not mind me asking why do you care rather or not white people are breeding? It makes no difference to me I don’t care if America becomes all white all black all Mexican or comepletly racially inbiguous so please don’t assume I’m bothered by your statement. I just find it kind of strange hearing a non white person say whites aren’t having enough children.
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    A lot of minority births are into broken homes and children of minorities are statistically more likely to commit crime or be incarcerated. Whites have the second lowest birth rate, just ahead of Asians. So speaking on statistics alone, minorites having kids is bringing down the country.
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    If you asked me.. if women in low income homes .. they need to quit having multilateral kids with different men.. they use it to their advantage for taxes every year..and they never get married cause it’s more beneficial for the single mom on tax deductions..another thing is these same moms put life insurance on their kids.. they already prepared to cash in on their death..
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    unfortunately for some, that’s a human right society hasn’t restricted yet.
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  10. Well clearly you see the root of the problem lies in the conditions in which they’re born and not the fact they’re minorities so to say that “minorities being born is bringing America down” is a very wishful conclusion on your end. In reality it’s the communities that our government does not care about and has no incentive to help fix that has our country down as we speak.
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    Notice how I said “speaking on statistics alone.” It’s not a wishful conclusion in my part, it’s a statistical fact. I specifically worded it, and prefaced it that why to avoid the race baiting comment like you just made.

    I’m out.
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    I understand. But if I can’t afford them I won’t have any .. I had two kids before I was twenty .. it wasn’t easy.. especially being two different women..the inner city wants them their cause they will be dependent on the govt and it will secure future votes... only way to fix it is to do it yourself and move out
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  13. It’s a wishful conclusion because you brought up statuses without providing a single one that supports the narrative you’re trying to push.

    You claim minorities having children bring this country down, ok prove it

    I simply brought up a point you touched on, there are a lot of minority children born into low income poverty stricken areas, and I think any rational human being would agree that the conditions in which you are born and raised in have much more influence on your proabbility to grow upcommit crime than the color of your skin.

    As an American citizen I look for these issues to be addressed, not for clowns to try and sweep shit under the rug and pretend things are as simple as black white
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    I am half Asian yet I have never taken advantage of my minority status.

    The point of my comment on whites not breeding has more to do with muslims out breeding others, while teaching their murderous ideologies to their offspring.
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    How do you think having people living in poverty and being incarcerated isnt bringing the country down?
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    Thought this thread was about a PPL bust !?
    Maybe try this thread to cry about politics..thxs ;)

    Trump Timeline ...
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    Old news now
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    Oh well who cares .. one thing leads to another that’s how threads work as always ..
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    There's nothing mysterious here. Roop pretty much summed it up by saying he played his "get out of jail". The only thing surprising to me is that he was so cavalier about admitting it on social media.

    It's all public. He was indicted and pleaded guilty to possession/distribution of a controlled substance (anabolic steroids).

    Roop most likely received a huge downward departure in sentencing (time served) because he told the feds everything he knew. It is all in black and white legalese of a 5K1 in his plea agreement.
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    In case anyone is not familiar with a 5K1, this is specifically what Kyle Ross Roop agreed to do in exchange for leniency as lifted from his plea agreement:


    The defendant understands and agrees that he has no right to cooperate, and that the decision whether to allow him to cooperate is reserved solely to the United States in the exercise of its discretion. If the United States agrees to allow the defendant to cooperate, and if the defendant agrees to cooperate, the following terms and conditions apply:

    a. The defendant shall fully, completely, and truthfully respond to all questions put to him by law enforcement authorities regarding the underlying facts of the offense(s) with which he is charged, as well as the underlying facts of any criminal offense(s), state or federal, of which he has information or knowledge.

    b. The defendant acknowledges that he understands that he shall provide truthful and complete information regarding any offense about which he has knowledge or information regardless of whether law enforcement authorities question him specifically about any such offense. This provision requires the defendant to divulge all information available to him even when law enforcement authorities do not know about the defendant’s involvement, knowledge or information relating to any particular offense. This requirement extends to any and all persons about whom the defendant has such knowledge or information.

    c. The defendant agrees to cooperate completely with all law enforcement authorities in any matters to which his cooperation may be deemed relevant by any law enforcement authority. The defendant agrees to fully comply with all instructions from law enforcement authorities regarding the specific assistance he shall provide. This includes, but is not limited to, consenting to monitored and/or recorded telephone conversations, participating in undercover operations, testifying completely and truthfully before any grand jury, at any pre-trial proceeding, during any trial, and any post-trial proceeding.

    d. If the United States deems it necessary, the defendant may be required to take a polygraph examination(s) which will be administered by a government polygrapher. The defendant agrees that the results of any polygraph examination may be used by the United States in its evaluation of whether there has been substantial assistance, and are admissible at sentencing to rebut an assertion by the defendant of bad faith or unconstitutional motive on the part of the United States.

    e. The defendant agrees to turn over to the United States any and all documents, tapes and other tangible objects which are in his possession or under his control and which are relevant to his participation in and knowledge of criminal activities, regardless of whether it relates to the charged offense. This obligation is a continuing one and includes materials that the defendant may acquire, obtain or have access to after the execution of this agreement.

    f. The defendant also agrees to identify the assets of any other person which were obtained through or facilitated the defendant’s illegal activities or the illegal activities of another.

    g. If the defendant provides full, complete, truthful and substantial cooperation to the United States, which results in substantial assistance to the United States in the investigation or prosecution of another criminal offense, a decision specifically reserved by the United States in the exercise of its sole discretion, then the United States agrees to move for a downward departure in accordance with Section 5K1.1 of the United States Sentencing Guidelines or Rule 35 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, whichever the United States deems applicable. The United States specifically reserves the right to make the decision relating to the extent of any such departure request made under this agreement based upon its evaluation of the nature and extent of the defendant’s cooperation. The defendant understands that the United States will make no representation or promise with regard to the exact amount of reduction, if any, the United States might make in the event that it determines that the defendant has provided substantial assistance. The defendant understands that a more interview with law enforcement authorities does not constitute substantial assistance. The defendant also understands that, should he provide untruthful information to the United States at any time, or fail to disclose material facts to the United States at any time, or commits a new criminal offense, the United States will not make a motion for downward departure. If the defendant’s effort to cooperate with the United States does not amount to substantial assistance as determined solely by the United States, the United States agrees to recommend that the defendant receive a sentence at the low end of the advisory guideline range.

    h. The United States and the defendant agree that any breach of this agreement by the defendant, including but not limited to committing a new offense, failing to cooperate, intentionally withholding information, giving false information, committing perjury, failing to identify assets obtained by him from his illegal activities or obtained by others associated with him or of which he has knowledge, refusing to take a polygraph examination, failing a polygraph examination, or refusing to testify before the grand jury or at any judicial proceeding, would:

    (1) permit the United States to reinstate and proceed with prosecution on any other charges arising from the matters underlying the Indictment; and

    (2) permit the United States to initiate and proceed with the prosecution on any other charges arising from a breach of this agreement. The United States will not be limited, in any respect, in the use it may make against the defendant of any information provided by the defendant during his breached cooperation. Such breach will constitute a waiver of any claim the defendant could make under the United States Constitution, the Federal Rules of Evidence, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, or any statute or case law by which the defendant seeks to suppress the use of such information or any evidence derived from such information.
    i. Nothing in this agreement shall protect the defendant in any way from prosecution for any offense committed after the date of this agreement, including perjury, false declaration, false statement, and obstruction of justice, should the defendant commit any of these offenses during his cooperation. The defendant acknowledges and agrees that the information that he discloses to the United States pursuant to this agreement may be used against him in any such prosecution.

    j. The United States and the defendant agree that the defendant will continue his cooperation even after he is sentenced in the instant matter. His failure to continue his cooperation will constitute a breach of this agreement, and the defendant agrees that under such conditions, the United States will be free to reinstate the charges and the prosecution of the charges in the Indictment, which are to be dismissed in accordance with this agreement. Under these circumstances, the defendant expressly waives any rights he may have under the statute of limitations and the speedy trial provisions.

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