Man arrested in connection to PPL bust released early from prison

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    I have no idea why I'm wading in on this haha as for proof I guess you can look at demographics that have higher rates of single mother households then you can look at the stats of how much more likely a kid is to become a criminal, drug abuser , drop out of school if raised in a single parent household and that may lead you to the proof your looking for.
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    99.9 % of people will roll over it just takes enough time
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    FYI, Roop was busted after a "cooperating defendant" in Louisiana that knew him personally set him up (at the direction of ICE-HSI Special Agent Daniel McKenzie).

    Roop sold 500 vials of "Test E, C, and P" for $7200 and shipped them to a "government-controlled post office box."


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    Scary stuff
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    A $7200 undercover purchase?
    Either that agency is well funded, or cops are testing gear potency the ol' fashioned way.
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    Tone was a member on another board not sure if that's been mentioned in this thread. Apparently ran his mouth a lot over there too from what I understand. I didn't know Tone was Roop.
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    Yeah, Tone is Roop/Elite and whatever other handle he used.