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    I'll jump back in. My girl runs 2 ius per day of hgh, and 20 mg of test cyp per week. I said to start off at the lower doses to see how she tolerates it. I'd look closer at the biodentical estrogen and progesterone. You want to start off very slowly with this stuff, it's not as straight forward or easy to predict with girls.
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    Yes sounds good. A clinic can do Estrogen/Progesterone injections as well.

    Please make sure you are getting lab work done for her so you can adjust accordingly. You don't want super physiological levels. You just want her feeling like her young self again.

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    Menopause dont give weight gain: menopause cut the estrogen of women, so they become less fat and they have less water retention.
    Women that become fat in menopause are women that EAT too much....
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    Progesterone alone causes uterine cancer especially if taken without knowing exactly what you are doing
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    One of best new product for menopause is "DUAVIVE" a recent new pill that have estrogen+bazedoxifene.
    Bazedoxifene is a SERM (like tamoxifene) that mimic progesterone action avoiding risk of uterine cancer.
    Search about it.
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    Estrogen does not contribute to fat gain, it just redistributes where fat is stored. This is true for men and women.
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