military behind-the-neck press?????

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by tatt2d, Feb 28, 2004.

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    Hey dick-bag...yea you chis 1361. We're talking about SHOULDER PRESSES...for the shoulders!!! Bringing the bar down to ear level works mostly TRICEPS. You sound like your not flexible enough to perform these properly and therefore won't get the most benefit...stick to front presses and lower the bar ALL the way to your chest...if this is painful, watch out, a shoulder injury is on the way!
    And I'm sorry to have called you names, my girlfriend told me I need to calm down, but hey this is my livelihood and the biggest passion in my life. Anyway be sfe and just realize a pinch, twinge,etc is a sign from your body to watchout...or else.
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    Hey bro, panties bunched up in a knot or what! Just thought I'd give the respect back to ya, it's all good. Maybe I got the disconnect during my post, been working grave yard shift, we'll keep it on the downlow! Out Chis
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    Meant no disrepect...
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    Doing partial movements sometimes seems the logical choice in preventing injuries, but in the long run, it is detrimental. When you perform partial movements like in the BNP, you start getting stronger in the range you trained, but still stay somewhat weak in the range you dont train. There is some carry over, but not much. This creates weaknesses in the movement itself, and you lose some flexibility as well. This is where injury most often happens. You try to movement again one day, but try it in a fuller range, than bamm!!! You get injured, and blame the movement for it. It is like my best friend who did half way bench presses, he never really lowered the bar to his chest. He trained like that for years. Then one day, he trained with my other friend, and my other friend made him lower it to the chest, and he got injured. Now he shuns at lowering it to the chest, saying that the benching all the way to your chest is dangerous. Was it the movement? or the lack of strength and flexibility caused by improper training?
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    Good gouge, well thought out ,thanks for the serious intel. I to used to do partial bench, and still do only cause I never really have a spotter worth a damn, assisting during trouble lifts, don't like intruding on other when working out, not a talker just a lifter, get in and get out punto!


    ps: Big"G"/take care bro, all good!
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    I very rarely use a so-called "spotter!"...on ANY lifts. Due to my schedule, lifting times vary and I train alone 99.9% of the time. I beleive in lifting the weights MYSELF..therefore no one is required to stand over me. I also avoid failure(as in lifting the weight) like the plague. I simply don't even try for another rep if I'm not 100% sure I can get it! The outcome of this style of lifting...less injuries, increased recovery times (able to train more often), never over-train. Yes, I'll still get sore from time to time...soreness is a sign of muscle damage, not progress!
    Going to failure all the time IS NOT a good thing
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    Avoiding failure is not a bad thing, it is actually a good thing. It allows you to train more frequently and even more volume. Less CNS burnout allows this.
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    I agree with ya bro, some here on these threads seem to think it's unmanly to ask for a little assist at times when trying to give all you got for the complete rep. Chis
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    I hear you guys but I do BTN every once in a while after I am really warmed up. I tell you this I get the results in my Traps. I dont know what that is about but I really see it in my traps. More so then when I do shrugs.
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    wow this is a really old thread.....i was looking up on this because i been doing these military behind the necks for years accompanied with the front..i do 3 sets the back than 3 sets the front in the beginning of my workout..... usually go up to my ears on the back and up to my nose in the front.....i do heavy weights.....i start really light than i end really works great.....i gained alot of strenth and mass over the years...does anyone have a better way?
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    Take his advice. :eek:
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    Re: question re: Military PRess

    what would your shoulder workout consist of with out military presses? I spend most of my shoulder workout doing some version of a military press.
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    Re: question re: Military PRess

    I change up my workouts pretty regularly because of family and work, ect....if i have a short week at the gym i will do lateral raises, front raises and rear delt machine and do shoulders with chest. i feel that i get a good bit from doing incline DB press and incline flys with my chest workout to justify not doing military press.