Moneygram with a credit card?

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  1. Wunderpus

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    Some states are already there, at least for sending.

    My state requires an ID to send, regardless of amount.
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  2. MindlessWork

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    In many cases the id will be verified so fake ID will be harder to use in such cases.
  3. Wunderpus

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    LOL, I wouldn't even consider using a fake ID. I think that makes it even riskier if the hammer falls.
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  4. MindlessWork

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    Right, but people use fake ID to hide their identities when performing transactions with AAS sources. Sources hide their identities too.
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  5. vanda3

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    Yes I ask WU the other day and in the U.S. its ok but it can vary in other countries like Thailand I believe will not allow "no id pick up", which is the way I understood it.
    So dunno how one would accept money unless one uses bitcoin which most persons don't have a bitcoin account and don't take the time to set one up which limits the number a source could accommodate due to only accepting bitcoin.
    Looks like one might have to use bitcoin anyway which only persons with a bitcoin wallet would be able to send money ,,,, oh well. I guess bitcoin fog or something similar. That will really limit a sources potential but depending on the demand maybe that's a good thing.

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